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Keep it real. Go for genuine CAT® pumps and motors

There are plenty of will-fit parts and components in the marketplace but if you ask the smartest operators, they’ll tell you one thing: go for genuine Cat® pumps and motors.

Since they are precisely designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of Cat equipment, genuine Cat pumps and motors offer high standards of quality and reliability. For optimal hydraulics system operation, the performance and durability of your pumps and motors is critical.

Here’s another critical point: don’t wait for failure. As Caterpillar’s Aftermarket Services Consultant for Hydraulics Chloe Xie says, “Waiting for failure can result in unplanned downtime and additional costs. So be sure to watch for warning signs and repair indicators.”

It is sound advice. The table opposite highlights some of the key repair indicators and possible causes. Keep your eye out for them or talk to your Cat dealer about the right service options.

So why are Cat pumps and motors a better choice? Well, they are designed by Caterpillar to deliver optimal Cat machine performance. And here’s another reason to keep it real. Cat pumps and motors are made using extremely high-grade materials to help deliver toughness, power, productivity, and reliability.

What’s more, your Cat dealer offers you worldclass support. They ensure customers always have the right parts and service solutions, customised to their equipment and operation. With their expertise in Cat components and their applications, your dealer can guide you in properly fine-tuning and optimising the hydraulic pump and motor control settings. Their diagnostic services can pinpoint problems and provide solutions. Many Cat dealers use specialised equipment like a testbench for testing and tuning pumps and motors which helps them be more precise in their repair and replacement recommendations. This can reduce rework and keep your service and repair bills to a minimum.

Don’t wait for failure. Contact your local Cat dealer or visit

LEAKSSystem pressure too high
Scored or bent cylinder rod
Failed or incorrect seals
Improperly torqued hose connection
Worn or damaged hoses, tubes and fittings
Missing guards
EXCESSIVE CYLINDER DRIFTValve adjustment needed
Scored cylinder
Failed seal or seals
Scored valve
Contaminated oil
Engine performance
Faulty valve
Low fluid level
Worn system components
Contaminated oil
Engine performance
Low fluid level
Restriction in system
Worn system components
Faulty relief valve
Faulty oil cooler
Low fluid level
Plugged filter
Worn system components
Faulty relief valve
Wrong viscosity or contaminated oil
Restriction in system
Poor operator habits
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