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Keep it all on track with CAT® Undercarriage With Custom Track Service And Track Assurance

Maximise your undercarriage life and reduce downtime.

When you buy a Cat® undercarriage or an eligible Cat machine from a participating Cat dealer you’ll be enrolled in Custom Track Service (CTS). CTS is a comprehensive program that includes free scheduled inspections^ using advanced diagnostic equipment to help maintain your under-carriage. But that’s not all. With CTS you’ll also have access to Track Assurance#, providing extended undercarriage coverage on top of the standard Caterpillar parts warranty.

As a Cat dealer undercarriage specialist, Nish Mohan knows the importance of a well-maintained undercarriage. “An improperly managed undercarriage can account for more than half of your machine’s operating costs. That’s why a new Cat undercarriage with CTS is a strong business decision. CTS can help you manage your undercarriage system, control your costs and reduce downtime.”

With Custom Track Service you qualify for free undercarriage inspections^ from a trained technician who uses the latest technology to:
• Accurately monitor your undercarriage performance and predict wear rates
• Evaluate service options and plan your maintenance
• Gather data to tailor a service strategy to meet your equipment planning needs
• Help you make informed decisions about maintenance – and investigate any issues with your undercarriage before they become serious.

The benefits are huge. CTS can help you manage and maximise undercarriage life, enable more efficient planning for better availability, and use analysis to enhance maintenance and service strategies. All in all, it can help you maximise your uptime and keep your operating costs on track. Cat undercarriage consultant Rodney Irvine sums it up. “As part of the CTS program, Cat dealers use the most advanced diagnostic platforms and equipment available, with the ultimate goal of keeping their customers’ costs down and supporting them to protect their investment.”

Extended undercarriage coverage provides you with support beyond the standard new machine or parts warranties.

When your new Cat undercarriage is enrolled in the CTS program, you’re eligible for Track Assurance#. That means free extended undercarriage coverage beyond the standard parts warranty. The Track Assurance program covers all major moving undercarriage components on Cat Track- Type Tractors, Track-Type Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators.

There’s so much riding on your undercarriage, so it’s important to keep it all on track. To find out more about Cat undercarriage options and Custom Track Service, or to book a free inspection^ , contact your local Cat dealer or visit

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