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JSC Concreting and STM Trucks & Machinery

JSC Concreting has been in business for the better part of a decade and a half, with the family-owned-and-operated Canberra-based concreting specialist having steadily grown the scope of its operations over the years, building its reputation on the back of a hands-on approach and a comprehensive service offering.

Founded in 2008 by Josh Small, JSC services Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounding districts, with Josh and his team having put in the hard yards to develop a loyal client base, ensuring projects both big and small meet and exceed client expectations.

Josh told EEM that having started out in concreting after leaving high school, he’d set about building some experience in the industry, and had subsequently identified an opportunity to stake out a niche in the Canberra market.

“Just being on job sites, you see the machines, and then getting to know all the foremen around Canberra, and I thought it’d be silly not to jump into the civil side of things,” he explained.

“After buying my first digger, from there we just sort of kept powering on through, and then started winning our own government projects, and going to various builders, again building good relationships with these people and expanding off that.”

In addition to residential kerb and guttering, driveways, house slabs and general construction project services, JSC provides a variety of commercial services, including excavation works, bulk haulage, footpaths, concrete pumping and site cleanups, along with equipment hire.

“We offer a range of services, from concreting through to landscaping,” Josh said. “That’s what we offer these builders around town. We come in and do everything for them. No one in town really does everything, it’s just us.”

JSC has expanded over the years to comprise a staff of 35 employees and maintains a growing fleet of equipment, spanning a number of Kobelco machines, including the Kobelco SK135SR-3, SK85MSR-7, SK135SR-7 and two SK210LC-10 diggers.

In addition to this, JSC has recently added a Kobelco SK55SRX-7 mini-excavator to its fleet, which Josh told EEM is currently beingdeployed across various government projects.

“We do a lot of footpath maintenance for the ACT government,” he explained. “So, that stays on those projects. That’s a three-year contract, which keeps that little thing going night and day.

“We’ve got the little 8 tonner as well. That’s more on building sites and carparks. It’s also a good machine, and I haven’t had any dramas with it. Then we’ve got the two 13s, which are on wet hire mostly, with a GPS setup.

“And then the two 21s. I’ve got one in town, that is also on wet hire, a GPS setup, and that works various subdivision sites throughout Canberra and NSW, and then I’ve got another one up at Snowy Hydro, same setup, GPS, the lot.”

The SK55SRX-7 weighs in at 5 t (operating weight), and runs a 29.1 kW Yanmar engine, with Kobelco advising that compared to previous models travel speed is up by 12%, and hill-climbing speed up by 10%, while the digging cycle time has been shortened by 11%.

With a compact tail swing, the SK55SRX-7 can be put to use in tight spaces, while its larger boom and arm (it has a maximum digging depth of 3.89 m and a maximum digging reach of 6.27 m) provide a wide working range.

In addition to this, the SK55SRX-7 features:
• Operator comfort – a Grammer suspension seat is fitted as standard, an enlarged wrist wrest reduces fatigue and allows for stable operation, while additional air vents provide a uniform air flow.
• Operator safety – the cab/canopy meets ROPS, TOPS and OPG Level 1 (Top guard) standards.
• Easy-to-use controls – include a colour monitor displaying information such as operating history, maintenance requirements, and fuel and coolant temperature gauges, while lever angles enable comfortable operations.
• Durability – the boom, arm and swing bracket feature large cross-section segments for added attachment strength, while the bucket’s cast-iron idler link provides greater strength.
• Maintenance – daily maintenance is made easier with convenient access provided to components inside the cab, along with the cooling unit and engine compartment.

John Eccleston, STM Trucks & Machinery Sales Executive, told EEM that he has been dealing “with Josh and his team for anything – from servicing, queries on machine operation, to sales”.

“Josh and his business rely on great machines that have the support he needs to keep going,” he commented. “The Kobelcos are comfortable, reliable, low fuel consumption while still maximising power, and are supported by STM.

“His business has been absolutely smashing it, from government upgrades, new roads, Snowy Hydro 2.0 and more!”

Josh said he can’t “fault the machines”, and highlighted the benefits of the strong relationship JSC enjoys with STM.

“They just do what you want them to do,” he said. “I don’t even really look at other machines, to be honest. I obviously do my shopping, but I tend to come back to Kobelco.

“STM has been awesome. Staying with the one dealer, the one machine, you do get preference. We’re after the longevity service, and STM will go out of their way to help us in any way they can.”

As for the future, Josh told EEM that JSC is “growing every day” and focused on continuing to build its presence in the local market.

“We’ve got a few things in the pipeline, and we’re here to keep growing. I’ve set the goal at 50 employees, which gives us a fair footing in the market, and there’s some more machines on the cards, that’s for sure.”

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