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John Deere Forestry Swing Machines

Stack the Deck when in Full Swing

Australian forestry customers now have the full offering of John Deere Forestry Swing Machines with several hitting the woods over the last few months configured as harvesters, processors and log loaders.

In addition to these configurations, these machines are designed as purpose-built forestry swing machines to also cover Road Building and Shovel Logging. Designed for specific applications these swing machines are equipped with the safety features and operator protective structures to meet global OH&S standards and keep your operators safe and comfortable every hour they are in the cabin. These dedicated forestry machines also feature robust undercarriage and mainframe, upsized swing bearings, reliable John Deere engines and a front or boom to meet the specific application you are handling. Not to mention the superior hydraulics that make these machines come together as industry leading products.

Eight models rated from 28 to 48 tonne operating weight with processor, harvester and roadbuilder configurations designated in the model number by ‘54’ and offered with hooked/excavator booms, either side entry or rear entry cabins. Then there’s the ‘56’ models specific with straight booms for log loading, shovelling, and processing with elevated rear entry cabs. Style of the boom, either excavator style and hooked (54 Series) or straight and log loader booms (56 Series), dictates the application applicable to the machine model.

Whether you need a log loader, shovel logger, road builder, processor/harvester or a versatile ‘combo’ machine, G-Series Swing Machines will help you get more done, more efficiently. The visionary spacious cab boasts plenty of legroom. Isolation mounted to reduce noise and vibration while smoothing the ride in rough terrain, substantially reducing fatigue. Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort. Creature comforts include fatigue- beating amenities such as efficient climate control, a heated/cooled seat and ergonomic controls, plus, there’s plenty of room inside the cab to stow your personal items.

Two cab options are significantly more comfortable. The low side-entry cab is 25 per cent larger than the previous model. Elevated rear-entry cab, now standard on all 56 series models (optional on 54 series), features windows in the floor and injection moulded polycarbonate windows for superb visibility to the tracks and working area. In the log-loader rear-entry cab, floor-mounted windows and the cab forward riser option expand views to the tracks and working area for log-loading applications. Countless hours of virtual-reality studies and field-testing with loggers resulted in these superb all-around visibility changes. 32mm thick polycarbonate is the norm for harvesters and processors and all cabs are certified to global forestry industry standards, no compromises to safety of your operator. The cab-forward design improves visibility to the right.

A staircase at the rear of the machine eases cab entry and exit for more stable footing where and when you need it.
A new handrail is significantly larger than on previous models, for secure three-point contact. Low side-entry cab and elevated rear-entry cab are interchangeable on any style/series of machine.

LED lights are standard for when you need to extend your workday beyond daylight. The 14-light LED package plus service and access lights provide outstanding all-around illumination.

Productive performance driven by the John Deere Powerful PowerTech™ Plus 9L diesel engine on the 3154G/3156G and 3754G/3756G offering 30 per cent more horsepower at low rpm than previous models. The 2154G/2156G and 2654G/2656G are fitted with the efficient John Deere 6.8L PowerTech Plus engine.

Hydraulic reversing variable-speed fan runs only as needed, conserving power and fuel. The standard reversing feature automatically reverses airflow to eject debris from the cooler cores, decreasing the frequency of cooler maintenance. Next-size-up main hydraulic pump improves multifunctioning, fuel economy, and component durability.

All machines have exceptional hydraulic oil cooling capacity. On all models the hinged A/C condenser swings out and the engine-compartment screen can be quickly removed, easing cleanout of debris. Fuel-shutoff valve eliminates leaks, for fast fuel filter changes with less mess. Plus, a pre-cleaner for the engine air intake extends filter life, further reducing maintenance time. Conveniently located filters, fluid-fill locations, and grease points help ease daily checks and preventative maintenance. All models have a large plastic counterweight fuel tank with easy fuel sump drain access.

Three productivity modes allow the operator to adjust the machine to the application.

High Productivity Mode delivers more power and faster hydraulic response. Power Mode delivers a balance of power, speed, and fuel economy mode for normal operation. Economy Mode limits the top speed and helps save fuel.

Because time is money loggers always need more uptime. Remote diagnostics come standard on all John Deere Swing Machines via JDLink™. This enables fast, accurate remote diagnostics and rapid service response with the right part the first time. JDLink also provides you with visibility to machine telematics to help you manage the performance of your fleet.
Now available as an option on all John Deere forestry equipment TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ are proven jobsite-mapping tools designed for full-tree and cut-to-length logging operations.

TimberMatic Maps enables enhanced visibility, allowing operators to review production values as well as see and create points of interest that can be shared in real time with other onsite team members.
Staff not on the jobsite can also access any of this data through TimberManager to optimise tasks and increase efficiency. Talk to your local John Deere dealer about viewing this new tool on their simulators or speak to a contractor already running TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager to understand the true benefits this new technology brings to your jobsite and business.

Five years in the making, backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods, the John Deere G-Series Forestry Swing Machines will redefine your expectations about what a Swing Machine can accomplish.

For more information contact AFGRI Equipment 6287 7777 in Western Australia. For all other states, contact RDO Equipment Pty Ltd 1300 008 608.

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