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John Deere delivering ‘The Good Oil’

A John Deere lubricants barrel

John Deere’s exclusive range of lubricant products increase the lifespan of parts in John Deere equipment.

When choosing the right oil and lubricants for earthmoving equipment, it’s important to consider them not just as a complementary product, but as a true part in a machines’ operational ecosystem. That’s the driving force behind John Deere’s decision to create its own exclusive range of lubricant products.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Director of Aftermarket and Customer Support, Emma Ford, says the oil, grease and coolants have been designed and developed for purpose by John Deere engineers to ensure optimal performance of construction and earthmoving machines.

“Only John Deere lubricants are specifically designed to prolong service intervals, ensure peak performance, and increase the lifespan of parts in John Deere equipment,” Emma says.

John Deere lubricants ensure optimal performance of construction and earthmoving machines.

“Minimum industry standards such as API, ACEA and JASO specifications are not the best way of judging the quality of one brand against another. There are many oils that only just meet these standards and others that don’t even reach the standards as claimed on some product labels.

“With high-quality, genuine John Deere lubricants you can be confident that they meet, and often exceed, the highest industry standards.”

While on-road vehicles put a 40-50 per cent load factor on parts, have more airflow (speed), and run on cleaner surfaces, off-road vehicles place a 70-80 per cent load factor on parts, have less airflow, which increases heat, and run on dusty, dirty, and rough terrain. Emma says that makes it critical to choose lubricants that are fit for purpose.

“Genuine John Deere lubricants have been specifically developed for equipment used in these harsher conditions under increased stress, heat, and exposure to contaminants,” she says.

“While high quality, genuine John Deere lubricants may cost more initially, they save you money in the long run by reducing wear and avoiding downtime and as a result prolonging the life of your equipment.”

John Deere is also contributing to sustainability with its lubricants range, both through the reduced requirement for inputs and the company’s commitment to initiatives such as recycled packaging and production in carbon-neutral facilities using recyclable steel containers.

“Using the John Deere range underscores sustainability in its most holistic sense,” Emma says. “It encompasses not just greater environmental performance but also greater economic prosperity and wellbeing of people and communities.”

To learn more about John Deere’s exclusive range of hydraulic oil, engine oil, coolants, gear lubricants, and grease, head to or contact your nearest John Deere dealer.


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