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Jetland ramps up the action on heavy-duty loading

An operator unloads a small excavator from a truck using Jetland Loading Ramps

The team at Jetland Loading Ramps understands the needs of Australian contractors, owner operators, and the industries they serve.

Machinery loading ramps perform a critical role in ensuring that today’s earthmoving equipment and specialised vehicles can be safely and efficiently delivered to any site. Experienced operators know that construction sites may present some surprising challenges for unloading and rely heavily on a robust ramp system to get their gear onto a site.

Using appropriate loading ramps can make all the difference to safety and efficiency. No one understands this better than Jetland Loading Ramps, who has designed and engineered loading ramps that satisfy a complete range of industry needs. The range of Jetland ramps includes models for applications such as loading and unloading goods from trucks, containers or railway cars and temporary structures and platforms.

Jetland’s ramps are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Image: Jetland Loading Ramps

Understanding market needs

Working closely with customers for many years, Jetland Loading Ramps is fully conversant with the challenges and needs of different industries and over time has earned a positive reputation for quality and safety. Today, Jetland is considered the most innovative supplier of quality robust ramp solutions for all types of businesses throughout Australia.

In addition to its comprehensive range of standard ramps, Jetland can custom build ramps to suit any particular need or application such as removalist ramps, rolling ramps, wheelchair ramps, and other solutions which can be tailored to any specification.

All Jetland’s ramps are manufactured from the highest quality materials and to an engineered design that makes them ideal to operate efficiently and safely throughout the toughest conditions, including those found in industries such as mining and construction.

Safety is a priority

For Jetland’s engineers, the priority is meeting or exceeding loading ramp safety standards. All products feature anti-slip surfaces for maximum traction of vehicles and machinery during loading unloading. Another safety feature includes locking pins to ensure that ramps cannot move once locked in place for use.

The standard range of Jetland ramps include:

A Series – suitable for rubber track machines in 2-8 tonne load capacities and 2.5-4.2m in length

B Series – suitable for rubber track and rubber tyre machines; available in 2-8 tonne load capacities and 1.8-3.9m lengths

C Series – suitable for rubber track, rubber tyre machines; available in 4-21 tonne load capacities and machines from 2.5-4.5m in length.

Heavy duty D Series

In response to a growing market demand, Jetland Loading Ramps has also released the D Series ramps which cater for heavy machines of up to 40 tonnes. The company says its D Series ramps are the first 40-tonne rated loading ramp available in Australia.

The introduction of these D series ramps that can support up to 40 tonnes clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to design improvement and engineering innovation. The D series ramps are suitable for machines with steel tracks, rubber pads on steel, and rubber-tyred machines.

Free shipping Australia-wide

No matter where you are, you can access the range of Jetland ramps easily, thanks to the company’s free Australia wide shipping policy. Enquiries regarding details and conditions of the service can be made via the Jetland Loading Ramps website.

Jetland ramp customers are fully supported by a highly knowledgeable and attentive customer service team, while customers have the additional assurance of being covered by full 12-month warranty.

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