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JEM Civil Group adds new Kobelcos from STM

Jason Fares, Managing Director, JEM Civil Group, standing in front of a new Kobelco excavator

EEM sits down with JEM Civil Group Managing Director Jason Fares to find out what’s made him loyal to Kobelco excavators, and how local dealer STM Trucks & Machinery continues to make the choice easy.

Jason Fares started JEM Civil Group in 2014, and bought his first Kobelco excavator from Adrian Martiniello at STM Trucks & Machinery not long after.

JEM Civil Group's new Kobelco SK75SR-7 from STM Trucks & Machinery, working on an earthworks site
JEM Civil Group is busy with a bulk earthworks job for a sports club in Sydney’s south west. Image: STM

“I’m a civil engineer by trade,” Jason says. “I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney back in 2010, and worked for a few companies until 2014, when I set out on my own.

“We started off with plant hire as we found our feet with the business. And from there, we moved more into the contracting side.

“In the past 12 months or so, the business has really picked up – we’ve had a lot more contracts awarded. And in the past six months, we’ve added two brand-new Kobelcos to our fleet.”

These two machines, an SK55SRX-7, and an SK75SR-7 Offset Boom, have joined JEM Civil Group’s fleet, which already includes a number of Kobelco excavators, as well as several Fuso trucks also purchased through STM.

Jason praises the responsiveness of Kobelco’s machinery. Image: STM

Knuckling down

The new SK75SR-7 is currently being put through its paces by Jason and his team on a bulk earthworks job for a sports club in Sydney’s south west.

“Our scope here is to undertake all the bulk earthworks, strip the site, do the required demolition, and install the stormwater drainage,” Jason says. “Then, we’ll hand the site back as level ground, ready for the synthetic turf guys to do their install and prep the sports field. There’s quite a bit of detailed excavation that we need to do, so it will keep us busy for about two or three months.”

Jason says the versatile SK75SR-7 has already proven its worth on the job, where it’s delivering the kind of results he and his operators have grown to expect from Kobelco.

Kobelco excavators have delivered on the comfort front for JEM Civil Group’s operators. Image: STM

“The quality of the Kobelco machines is unreal,” Jason says. “The guys just love it. My whole crew enjoys jumping into these machines. They’re roomy, they feel good to control, and they’re very responsive for the kind of work that we do.”

Jason says that given the industry’s ongoing labour shortage, it’s more important than ever to provide machinery that operators will enjoy using.

“All operators are going to have their preferred brands of plant and equipment, but everybody knows what they’re going to get with Kobelco,” he says. “Whenever you drive past any job site, you’ll always see those blue machines there – and that’s for good reason.

“They always deliver on performance, they’re good on fuel, and I’ve never had any issues with them since we started using them. Our first Kobelco excavator is still going strong, and it’s never missed a beat. STM still handles all the servicing for it, and even though it’s now eight years old, it still runs like new. They’re really built to last.”

Kobelco excavators’ ease of operation is a big win for Jason’s team. Image: STM

Always there

While JEM Civil Group is growing, Jason is committed to the small business mentality that’s served him well in his career to date.

“Our aim is to provide plant and equipment to meet clients’ budgets and time constraints, and do what we can to increase productivity on their jobs,” he says. “It’s that reliability that I’ve build my clientele on – delivering projects to a high quality, on time, and on budget.”

Jason says he sees the same attitude on show at STM Trucks & Machinery, which is a big contributing factor to his repeat business.

“STM has always looked after me – it’s never just a transaction with them,” he says. “From the after-sales support to the excavator service department, to the after-sales truck support. Their finance department too, which pretty much handles all my equipment finance.”

The SK75SR-7’s offset knuckle boom gives operators the flexibility to operate comfortably on any site. Image: STM

Jason says the STM team always endeavours to understand his business, the projects he has lined up, and provide frank advice about how STM can assist. And as a result, it won’t be long before JEM Civil Group expands its Kobelco fleet once again.

“I’m looking at buying an SK135SR-7, which also has the offset knuckle boom,” Jason says. “We do a lot of drainage and electrical work, and the offset machines come in very handy for operating in those tight areas.”

Going forward, Jason says there’s no question he’ll continue to return to STM and Kobelco as the JEM Civil Group business continues to grow.

“It’s really reassuring to know that I’ve got that reliable support with STM, that they always make it their business to help out whenever they’re needed,” he says.

“In the nearly 10 years I’ve been in business, STM has always been there. And any issues
I ever have, they act on straight away.”


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