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JCB wheel loader gets makeover

by eemadmin

(July 2015) – JCB CEA has unveiled the brand new 457 wheel loader, boasting all new features that deliver improved power, profitability and productivity.

“This wheel loader has undergone an entire makeover; it’s a completely new machine and the first of a new range,” says Greg Sealey, JCB CEA Wheel Loader National Product Manager. “The 457 delivers rugged durability that the JCB brand is known for, but new features enhance its operation and significantly reduce running costs.”

Clean Power

The most notable change to this wheel loader when compared with its predecessors is the new engine. The 457 is the first large JCB wheel loader to meet EPA Tier 4 emissions standards while achieving 16% fuel savings from the previous model.

“JCB recognises the value the Tier 4 engine delivers and is ahead of the curve with their integrated engineering. They improve fuel economy without skimping on power, which is something you can’t find in other machines,” Greg says.

The Tier 4 final / EU stage IV Mercedes-Benz engine meets stringent global emission standards without the need for a DPF, in-turn reducing costs and service time and increasing uptime and profitability.

“Having no DPF minimises the fire risk and negates the need for serviceable after treatment. It also means no risk of DPF blockage, which significantly cuts down time.”

Operator comfort

The 457 is the first machine to have JCB’s next generation CommandPlus cab, which is fitted with a number of new features that make operation easier and more comfortable.

Operators will feel more comfortable with the new CommandPlus cab configuration, complete with optimised control layout and revised pedal positioning. In addition, the new design delivers reduced in-cab noise level of a maximum 68 dB(a) while the new front screen maximises visibility and reduces replacement costs. To further improve visibility, the structure pillars have been moved out to the same width as the rear of the cab, providing a larger interior with a panoramic front windshield.

“We all know that a comfortable operator is an efficient operator, and this new cab configuration makes operation easier and more comfortable. It brings another dimension to comfort and convenience, providing all the bells and whistles, but still remaining functional,” said Greg. “All of these features, combined with a new adjustable steering column and ergonomic seat-mounted controls deliver the ultimate in operator comfort.”

Smooth Hydraulics

The new hydraulics on the 457 loader are designed for fast operation to maximise productivity and ease of use. They come with two variable displacement piston pumps that produce a maximum flow of 306 litres/min, and a load sensing system that provides fuel efficient and responsive distribution of power.

Maintenance Simplified

The most visible change to the JCB wheel loader is the new sloping hood. The electrically-operated, one piece bonnet improves serviceability, by allowing quick access to the engine and drivetrain for regular maintenance.

The cooling system has even undergone a makeover, with a hinged rear section and a hydraulically-driven cooling fan allowing easy access for cleaning and upkeep.

The first JCB 457 wheel loaders are now in JCB CEA dealerships across Australia. For more information on the new machines, please visit: www.jcbcea.com.au


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