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Jack McDonald and Equipment Specialists Australia


The McDonald family draws on a long history in the Goondiwindi farming and agriculture sector, overseeing a large-scale grain and cattle operation which has built its reputation over the course of generations, and which is very much focused on harnessing new machinery and technologies to continue growing moving forward.

Luke McDonald told EEM that the business, which trades as Jack McDonald Pty Ltd, was originally started by his grandfather Jack, with it having evolved over the years to encompass mixed farming interests.

“The acreage is tied up probably 50/50 between grain and cattle,” Luke said of the business’ areas of focus, adding that it is this type of variety that makes agriculture “in itself an exciting industry to be in”.

“It’s very dynamic and there’s lots of different things we can do in agriculture,” he commented. “There’s different animals and crops, and you’re always trying to think forward, while seasonally it can be extremely variable.

“For this reason, it’s an interesting industry to be in, because you can create your own story, and in some ways you really pick your destiny.”

Lovol FL962K wheel loader makes an impression with plenty of grunt

Of course, efficient and reliable machinery is one of the key components underpinning efficient operations, and Luke highlighted the need to keep pace with the latest technology developments, tapping into productivity benefits that can add up significantly over time.

With the business having recently added a Lovol FL962K wheel loader to its fleet, a clear requirement has been high operational efficiency in carrying out various tasks, along with a capacity to power on through in demanding conditions.

Weighing in at an operating weight of 20 t, the FL962K notably sports a Cummins engine and a Danfoss hydrostatic driveline, as used in Liebherr loaders, providing a smooth operating experience and precise control.

Luke said that the FL962K has thus far been put through its paces across a variety of different applications, impressing with its grunt and robust design.

“We’re mainly using it for earthworks, for erosion control in paddocks, helping to open waterways, fixing roads, cleaning up fence lines and timber, and even loading trucks with grain, doing a bit of grain work in the sheds,” he said.

“It’s got heaps of power, and it’s very well finished in the machining side and the cosmetics. There just seems to be a little bit more refinement in the transmission and everything, and it seems to be well put together.”


Lovol FL962K wheel loader: Danfoss hydrostatic driveline provides power and precision

Lawrence Perkins told EEM that the Danfoss hydrostatic driveline is one of the key features that makes the FL962K a superior loader option, paving the way for high-efficiency operations.

Benefits provided include less wheel slippage, smoother direction changes, increased fuel savings and improved operator comfort, with Lawrence noting that Lovol stands out in the broader loader market due to its integration of high-calibre components at extremely competitive prices.

“Lovol is at the forefront when it comes to hydrostatic wheel loaders, which is the way the industry is going,” he commented.

“The FL962K is a high-quality machine. Along with the game-changing hydrostatic driveline, it is low on plastic and electrically controlled functions, eliminating problematic items and making it extremely reliable.

“It ultimately provides a performance comparable to the big brand names, and there is notably no AdBlue, DPF and EGR.”

The FL962K runs a 170 kW Cummins QSB7 Tier 3 engine, and in addition to the hydrostatic driveline, is equipped with a DANA transfer box and either Meritor wet brake axles or Lovol dry brake axles, with it available with a choice of tyre options.

In addition to this, it features:

  • A ROPs and FOPs-certified lined and sealed cab, lessening noise and vibration, decked out with air-conditioning and an air-suspension seat, and also sporting a reverse camera
  • A 4 m3 GP bucket (with a choice of GP, rock, coal, grain and bulk buckets), 6 t rated load capacity, 4.2 m bucket lift height and a boom lifting time of 5.2 seconds
  • A pilot control joystick incorporating a thumb-action F/N/R function
  • A Danfoss steering valve; hydraulic pressure of 3200 psi; fuel tank capacity of 350 l; travel speed of 40 km/h
  • A one-piece fully opening side engine cover, enabling ample access (with no bolted covers to remove); fully raised opening rear engine door; patented composite reinforced pivot structure and bushings
  • Dimensions: 8.85 m (length), 3.3 m (width) and 3.42 m (height)

Equipment Specialists back product range with ongoing service support

Toowoomba-based Equipment Specialists ranges a wide variety of Lovol loaders and excavators, with Lawrence telling EEM this range is poised to grow in the near future, with the 26 t (operating weight) Lovol FL980K loader also due to arrive in the local market soon.

Supporting its equipment range, Equipment Specialists provides access to a range of parts and accessories (not only limited to the brands it stocks), which it sells along with other brands not commonly stocked in Australia, with it capable of sourcing items fast and at cost-effective prices.

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