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ITR Premium Undercarriage!

Designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for mining, quarrying and other heavy-duty applications.

A machine’s undercarriage is an expensive investment for owners and can represent up to 50 per cent of the cost of owning a machine.

Machines that are being used in mining, quarrying and other heavy-duty applications are working in challenging conditions, which means they need a reliable and high performing product they can rely on. ITR have designed, engineered and manufactured premium undercarriage components to provide excellent performance at a lower cost.

Track Chains

ITR Track Chains have undergone extensive research, resulting in an improved premium design. The new ITR Lock Ring (PPR) provides a mechanical lock between the pin and the link controlling the seal compression. This therefore enhances the wear life of the pins and bushes and extends the life of the chains. There has also been an increase in the case depth hardness on the bushes to ensure maximum wear life. The ITR Premium Track Chains are now fitted with newly designed Seal Groups, engineered to the highest quality standards in the industry, to perform in Heavy-Duty applications such as mining and quarrying.

Track And Carrier Rollers

ITR Premium Rollers are forged from selected and certified Boron steel and are through-hardened over a range of quenching processes. This highly strengthened steel with a reinforced structure will reduce wear and absorb shocks and impact, extending the wear life of the roller. The ITR Premium Roller’s internal components, such as bushings, collars and shafts are produced and tested in the group’s facilities, to guarantee an accurate fit. All rollers are lifetime lubricated due to the increased oil capacity and the ITR seal design.


ITR Premium Idlers are designed based on the application requirements, offering solid cast or fabricated drum-type idlers. Extended wear life is assured by specific heat-treatment processes in order to harden the contacting surfaces. ITR Idler Seals are engineered to perform in extreme conditions within a temperature range between -40 Degrees Celsius and +50 Degrees Celsius.

Segment Groups

ITR Premium Segment Groups are a perfect match for the Premium Track Chains because they reduce the wear on the track bushings and therefore increase the life of the chains. The surface and core hardness provide a longer wear life, with a higher resistance to bending or breaking in tough conditions. Accurate design, engineering and manufacturing guarantee a perfect fit each and every time.

Track Shoes

ITR Premium Track Shoes are manufactured from top quality certified Boron steel to ensure high wear resistance in even the most abrasive conditions. Due to different types of terrain and performance requirements, ITR manufactures Moderate, Extreme and Super Extreme Service Shoes for different applications. These come in single, double and triple grousers to best suit your machine and its application.

One Source, One Brand, One Quality.

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