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ITR Meccanica : Where ITR components are born

Thanks to careful design, technological innovation, and strict process controls, ITR repair parts have always been synonymous with high quality.

ITR Meccanica based in Modena, Italy is the ITR Usco group’s largest production centre for earthmoving machine parts. With all ITR’s undercarriage components manufactured in South Korea and China, the 100 per cent USCO Spa controlled ITR Meccanica is the production centre for the miscellaneous product category, offering one of the most complete ranges of spare parts for loaders, graders, dozers, excavators, and scrapers in the market.

Originally founded in Modena, Italy, in the mid-1960s as a workshop specialising in mechanical processing, GRS S.P.A soon made its way into the earthmoving machinery spare parts sector by carrying out work on behalf of third parties. Already well known for the production of pre-chambers, they also manufactured other components such as gears, bushings, and pins. An investment in the early 90s saw them venture into special machine tools for the development of pump bodies and accessories, which they soon became specialists of.

In 2003 GRS S.P.A, was acquired by the Usco group and subsequently changed its company name to ITR Meccanica.

Within ITR Meccanica’s 12,000 square metre facility, they are producing over 50,000 line items compatible with most makes of earthmoving machinery, including Caterpillar and Komatsu. These include various types of gears (sprockets, hub gears, crown wheels and pinions), loader frame pins, bogies parts, brake callipers, equalizer bars, worm wheels, suspension groups and track tensioning. However, the flagship line manufactured within ITR Meccanica is their gear pumps.

With an annual production capacity of 60 thousand pumps, including oil and transmission pumps, high pressure hydraulic pumps, water, and fuel transfer pumps, ITR offers one of the most complete ranges of pumps for earthmoving machines. ITR Pumps start their life inside ITR Meccanica production sites in Modena, Italy. Within these production facilities there are technical teams carrying out research and development with state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality control procedures to ensure high reliability and performance standards. Once the pump components are assembled, each unit is subject to a rigorous cycle of trial runs and tests. These are conducted internally on test benches specific to each type of pump and provide optimisation and assessment of the final product to the technical specifications. Only pumps that satisfy all the tests are considered compliant and released onto the market. Every pump manufactured is uniquely identified with a progressive serial number and an associated technical sheet showing the tests conducted and relative technical specifications to provide complete traceability, also in the after-sales period.

In addition to pumps, another significant product range manufactured at ITR Meccanica is loading ramps, with over 700 items in production. ITR Meccanica uses state-of-art welding systems to manufacture aluminium loading ramps to assist in transporting small to medium-sized excavators, both wheeled and tracked. ITR Meccanica manufacture over 700 models from a minimum capacity of 15 hundred kilograms up to a maximum of 12 thousand kilograms, in lengths from 1.5 to 5 metres. Every ramp is designed in compliance with high safety standards and strict internal quality procedures according to Standard ISO 9001.

All ITR production facilities in Italy and abroad follow a stringent internal test procedure for their products. However, the Modena facilities conduct additional sample testing on their components from each site to ensure the highest possible quality control, managed by a highly qualified team using the most technologically advanced test equipment. The well-established quality of its components has resulted in ITR Meccanica becoming partners with numerous OEMs for the supply of original spare parts.

For more information, contact ITR Pacific on 1300 820 214.

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