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“It Won’t Allow Us To Over-Excavate, Which Is A Huge Cost Saving”


Cat® 2D grade control technology is not just affordable, it’s essential for civil construction companies looking to boost efficiency and raise safety levels. That’s why WesTrac offers the Cat 323F L factory fitted with the latest 2D grade control.

Stuart Garland, Asset Manager at Robson Civil Projects, knows his excavators. With more than 25 years’ experience, Stuart was invited to trial the Cat 323F L and put the latest 2D Grade Control technology to the test in an actual trench dig for a residential development site on the Central Coast, NSW.

“This was our first time using 2D grade control, so we were impressed to see an increase in efficiency of 10-20 per cent before the end of the first day,” said Stuart.

“It won’t allow us to over-excavate, which is a huge cost saving. Not only is it safer, it’s more efficient.”

The Cat 2D Grade Control takes the guesswork out of excavation, allowing the operator to control depth and slope to within millimetres through the in-cabin display panel.

According to Justin Bell of WesTrac, “The F-Series can get to grade 45 per cent faster and uses up to 10 per cent less fuel, reducing equipment operating costs and hours.”

Stuart added: “What’s so appealing to me about this machine is the 2D Grade Control will do about 90 per cent of the work we would normally do with 3D but without the $80K or $90K price tag and all the base stations to run it.” In addition to the immediate benefits of doing more with less, Robson Civil also welcome the very real advantages of employee and operator safety. “We eliminate the need for someone in the trench checking the levels and there’s less need for our operator to be getting in and out of the machine. Not only is it safer it allows us to do a job with one person instead of two. At Robson Civil, we see technology as a big part of our future and this grade control technology will be part of that,” said Stuart.


“WesTrac is now offering a 5 year, 6000 hour powertrain and hydraulics Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), as well as the Cat Fuel Edge program to help manage operating costs,” said Justin Bell from WesTrac.

“Cat EPP protects your machine while the Cat Fuel Edge means WesTrac will give you a parts credit to the same value if you exceed the agreed fuel burn rate. Plus we’re including a pin grabber coupler, quick hitch and GP bucket in the bundle.”

The Cat F Series includes a huge range of models from 11t to 90t, featuring a stronger lower frame and undercarriage for exceptional durability. For businesses needing even greater technological support, 2D Grade Control can be upgraded to Grade with Assist.

“Every Cat machine WesTrac sells is backed by Australia’s largest parts and service network and the option of Customer Support Agreements that maximise the availability and durability of your equipment,” said Justin Bell. “You’re not just buying a machine, you’re investing in a business solution that helps you achieve more with your equipment.”

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