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Introducing The Eurocomach ES 57 ZT


European quality engineering with top-of-class specs.

Eurocomach Construction Equipment are well known as a European manufacturer of high quality mini excavators, engineered and built in the manufacturing centre of Northern Italy, which includes other well-known brands such as Ferrari and Ducati only a stone’s throw away. Like these other premium Italian brands, Eurocomach machines are marvels of design and performance. The good news in this case is, you don’t have to break the bank to own one!

With a company history that stretches back to 1958, Eurocomach is the number one supplier of mini excavators in Italy, and is the fastest growing mini excavator brand in Europe.

National distributor ASV Sales & Service has imported the Eurocomach range to Australia since 2009, and has found the premium design of the Eurocomach range to be well suited to the demands of Australian customers.

“The latest generation of Eurocomach machines have numerous innovative design features, and are packed with standard inclusions that are typically considered optional on other brands, which makes them great value for money,” says National Sales and Marketing Manager at ASV Sales & Service, Chris Wolf.

“Many machines in this class segment are essentially just a 5 tonne machine with an extra counterweight – often badged with a higher number, but without the performance to back it up. The ES 57 ZT is a true 5.7 tonne machine without the optional counterweights, packaged in a true zero tail swing design. It’s really engineered with the performance and the specs to back up the expectations of owners looking for capability that exceeds machines in the 5 tonne class.”


The ES 57 ZT delivers outstanding hydraulic performance, with intelligent load sensing pumps delivering excellent cycle times, high breakout force and unrivalled digging performance. A closed centre hydraulic system with a unique prioritisation and a flow sharing design allows simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions, with no perceivable loss of performance.

The auxiliary capacity is also best in class, with total pump capacity of 157 lpm and a rated auxiliary capability of 70 lpm operating continuously at full pressure, with plenty of power to spare for additional hydraulic functions. There’s no need for additional hydraulic modification, making the ES 57 ZT ideal for complex or demanding attachments, such as tilt-rotators and flail mowers.

The ES 57 ZT is factory fitted with every auxiliary hydraulic option you’re likely to ever need. Bi-directional high flow auxiliary piping is standard, along with secondary auxiliary piping for operation of tilting functions, a case drain, and even a special third auxiliary function that allows seamless integration of multiple attachments with simultaneous functionality. And of course, hitch piping is also standard.



Despite its zero tail swing design, the ES 57 ZT has one of the largest cabs in its class, and operator comfort is outstanding. Large foot pedals allow precision travel control, and fold away for additional space when not in use. Operators appreciate the removable solid foot rests, which not only provide a comfortable place to rest the feet, but also an effective place to brace against when operating on steep inclines.

The cabin of the ES 57 ZT is very quiet, with excellent sound insulation, aided by high quality solid steel body panels that provide additional comfort to the sealed and pressurised operator station. In addition, the cabin is mounted on vibration dampening viscous fluid mounts, providing effective isolation and additional comfort.

Climate control is standard, with multiple vents placed throughout the cabin to ensure the operator stays cool and comfortable.

An air suspension Grammar seat is fitted with multiple adjustments, ensuring it will please just about any operator. Joystick controls are ergonomic and feature servo-assisted fingertip proportional control of all hydraulic functions, including auxiliary flow and boom swing. An engine auto-idle feature, and automatic 2-speed drive control provide further efficiency and assistance to the operator. An AM/FM radio is standard, and a GPS tracking system with machine service monitoring and anti-theft is available.



Despite its zero tail swing design, serviceability is outstanding on the ES 57 ZT. All service points are accessible from ground level via the side mounted engine, with lockable bonnet that lifts easily with the assistance of gas struts, and a secondary door opens to allow access to radiator and oil coolers. The 49hp Kubota engine is quiet and efficient, delivering plenty of torque to the high quality Italian pump and hydraulic system.

A unique rear compartment allows quick access not only to the main control valve, but it also allows access to a convenient automatic fuel refill system, which can be used to fuel the machine directly from a drum, stopping automatically when the tank is full.

The cabin is also able to quickly tilt forward, giving unobstructed access to engine and hydraulic components for scheduled maintenance or repair.

[colored_box color=”eg. blue, green, grey, red, yellow”]ASV Sales & Service offer Eurocomach mini excavator models ranging from 1.8 to 9 tonnes. Call 1800 EURO MX, or visit to learn more.[/colored_box]

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