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Introducing Alfa: Value-for-money, strong support



In sunny Queensland, there is a new name in earthmoving equipment: Alfa. Lawrence Perkins from Equipment Specialists Australia (ESA) explains what this means for the industry, and why backup support customers can trust is more vital than ever.

When Lawrence Perkins answers the phone, he’s in the workshop getting hands-on with one of his customers’ excavators.

“Just running some diagnostics on an engine,” he says, before momentarily excusing himself to find a quieter place to talk.

As Operations Manager for Equipment Specialists Australia (ESA), Lawrence has a lot on his plate. But despite his responsibilities as a business owner, he still finds time to get his hands dirty – especially if it means going the extra mile for one of his customers.

With Lawrence at the helm, ESA has spent the past few years as the authorised distributor for Chinese-manufactured Lovol excavators and wheel loaders in Australia.

Lawrence says there has long been a stigma attached to the long list of budget Chinese- made brands in the earthmoving equipment landscape. And while he says this is justified in many cases, much of the country’s higher-end and technologically advanced machines are beginning to move the dial.

Slowly, many of these Chinese-manufactured products are becoming increasingly well- respected and trusted,” Lawrence says. “Some of these are coming out with some of the world’s leading features, and built to the highest specification available – from hydrostatic transmission (HST) and differential lock, right through to electric drive.”

A new name in the game

Alfa’s 1.8t mini excavator is built with the highest quality components, as used by Kubota and most high-end brands. Proven against the best with experienced operators. Image: Alfa

Lawrence says ESA has always endeavoured to exclusively deal in higher-end machines from the Lovol range. This, he says, has meant he has only ever sold machines he’s confident are suitable for his customers and Australia’s harsh environments.

But with Lovol now expanding its presence in Australia, and broadening its offering in entry- level machinery, Lawrence says it’s important to distinguish the higher-end product he’s putting the ESA name to.

“That’s where ‘Alfa by Lovol’ comes in,” he says. “Alfa sits in the gap in the market between budget machines that don’t enjoy the level of backup support we offer, and the big-brand machines that are out of many people’s budgets.

“Our commitment has always been to provide only the best to our customers. This step ensures that the Alfa brand represents the highest quality, distinguishing itself from other variants in the market.”

ESA’s journey with Lovol began as a promising partnership, but recent shifts in the company’s strategy compelled ESA to take a bold step. Lawrence explains: “Our dedication to our customers drove us to evolve beyond Lovol’s focus on smaller, low-spec machines. We’re now solely concentrating on high-spec models under the Alfa brand.”

he Alfa 8t-rated/26t operating weight loader with HST drive – No.1 for smooth operation, fuel/tyre life and brake savings. Unbeatable cycle times. Image: Alfa

ESA’s Alfa range, featuring innovative technology such as hydrogen-powered and electric drive options, positions it at the forefront of industry evolution.

“We’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting the pace in earthmoving equipment technology,” says Lawrence.

The Alfa line-up boasts impressive models like the WL918K, with its Tier 3 Kubota engine, and the WL948K, featuring a Cummins QSB engine and Danfoss HST drive. This range reflects ESA’s commitment to quality, reliability, and value.

In addition to wheel loaders, ESA’s Alfa excavators are gaining traction, offering models up to 200 tonnes.

“Our excavators meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether in tight urban spaces or large- scale construction projects,” Lawrence notes.

More than machinery

The recent visit of high-level management from Alfa’s parent company in China to Australia underscores their support for this new direction. Lawrence says the group explored the current diverse applications of Alfa machines, from Delta Skipz’s recycling operations to Rixs Creek Mine’s open-
cut mining. This commitment is further strengthened by plans to establish a substantial warehouse in Melbourne, enhancing after-sales service and parts availability.

Alfa’s 50t excavator is available now, with the 200t model available soon. Image: Alfa

Besides Alfa, ESA also boasts the renowned Italian Faresin Telehandler range and the Alfa P series tractor range, previously unavailable in Australia.

“Our Alfa tractors, like the 350hp CVT model, stand toe-to-toe with industry giants in quality and performance,” Lawrence says.

He also highlights ESA’s commitment to exceptional after-sales service and warranty, akin to the standards seen in their Scania Truck Authorized service centres.

“Our clients deserve the best in both product and support,” Lawrence says. “And they’re going to get the kind of warranty and support that goes well over and above what many of the budget models will give them.”

Lawrence frames ESA’s journey with Alfa is more than a rebranding, but a strategic move that represents a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

As Lawrence puts it, “Alfa is not just equipment – it’s a promise of quality.”

For more information, visit: or phone 1300 378 478.

The Alfa 80t excavator has a proven 20 per cent fuel savings compared to other high-end brand machines with higher production outputs. Image: Alfa


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