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Innovative skidder solutions from Tigercat

Tigercat 612

The grapple skidder is the second variation to be built on the Tigercat 612 platform after the release of the European-focused 612 dual winch skidder earlier this year.

Tigercat, a leading name in forestry equipment, has been making waves in the skidder market since the release of the 612 series skidder platform earlier this year. This platform’s primary focus is on addressing the challenges of selective felling applications, particularly in demanding terrains, while safeguarding the integrity and value of the residual timber stand.

The most recent launch within this series is the 612 dual winch grapple skidder. This versatile machine has been fine-tuned to operate seamlessly in selective harvesting scenarios, proving especially adept at extracting high-value timber in conditions characterised by steep inclines or environmentally sensitive terrains.

Central to the 612’s design are its oscillating centre section and optional blade tongs. The oscillating centre section gives the machine a more compact stance, streamlining its ability to navigate tight forest stands. On the other hand, the blade tongs bring an added layer of versatility to the table, enhancing the skidder’s capacity for tasks such as decking wood and performing other secondary duties.

The 612 is powered by a Tigercat FPT N67 Stage V engine.

One of the machine’s standout features is the Tigercat FPT N67 Stage V engine, boasting a robust 155kW (208hp) output. Paired with Tigercat’s industry-renowned efficient drive system, operators can expect a machine that’s not only powerful but also fuel-efficient. This synergy ensures that the 612 grapple skidder can gracefully handle challenging terrains, all while reducing wheel spin.

The design and attention to detail extend into the operator’s cab, which has been crafted for both functionality and comfort. The generous window sizes afford operators clear sightlines, ensuring safety and precision. Meanwhile, the climate-controlled, heavy-duty air ride suspension seat can be fully adjusted to the operator’s preference. Added touches, such as a climate-controlled cup holder and dedicated storage, underscore Tigercat’s commitment to operator convenience.

At the heart of the ergonomic design is the Turnaround seat. This feature is pivotal for efficient machine operation. The Turnaround seat not only enhances comfort but also ensures operators can enter and exit the machine effortlessly from either side. Furthermore, it grants operators full control over all the skidder’s functions within a wide 220-degree range.

Additionally, the 612 series is equipped with an array of features, including an optional dual winch, a movable back shield and fairlead system, and even a crane. These tools are integral for scenarios that require intricate control, like manipulating two separate cables in dense stands. The heavy-duty crane and blade tongs further bolster the machine’s capabilities, making log extraction, manoeuvring, and sorting tasks more streamlined.

Tigercat’s 612 series, with its grapple skidder variant, marks a significant step forward in the realm of selective harvesting equipment. Its combination of power, versatility, and operator-focused design is set to make it a mainstay in challenging forestry operations globally.

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