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Innovative Epiroc Products

Epiroc has continued to innovate during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company has a number of new products that are now available in the Australian market.

MG Grapple Range Next Generation

Epiroc has improved the range of its MG Grapples to include a mechanical stop, which stops over-extension of the perforated shells, now with optional rotation to take into account tilt rotators that don’t require it. The hydraulic motor has been upscaled to a more robust unit and the bushings in the linkages have beefed up where the shells connect.

Hatcon (Hydraulic Attachment Tools Connectivity)

Epiroc’s HATCON GPS tracking and monitoring device along with the My Epiroc software package now comes standard for all SB702, SB1102, MB, HB premium hydraulic breakers and Erkat drum cutters from ER100 and above. The app can be downloaded to a phone as well as PC for whole fleet service information.

SB302T and SB452T Tunnel Version Hydraulic Breakers

Epiroc has released a new range of its well-known SB hydraulic breakers specially designed for tunnelling and scaling applications. Special features for tunnelling include collared tool and additional dust seals to reduce the ingress of dust and debris, heavy duty too  retainers, stainless steel piston, front wear plate, and spray nozzles all as standard.

Bio Chisel Paste Only Hydraulic Chisel Grease That Is Biodegradable

Epiroc Bio Chisel Paste is a breakthrough product for the construction and mining industry; it’s also increased tool bush life.

The product is approved from the European commission for usage in environmentally sensitive applications. The formulation is based on special synthetic esters that are easily biodegradable.

The grease is specially made for hydraulic breakers for lubricating the wear bushings to avoid both wear as well as working tool breakage.

CC Combi Cutters and CB Concrete Busters Wider Range

Epiroc has increased the range of pulveriser jaws to suit the popular CC Combi Cutters. This is in addition to the existing options of the Universal jaws for concrete demolition and Steel Jaws for steel demolition. Also the CB concrete buster range has two new models, CB5500 to suit carriers 50T to 65T and CB7500 to suit carriers 70T to 85T.

Dust Suppression System for Safety

Epiroc has released factory designed and built dust suppression systems suitable for attaching to its MB HB range of premium breakers and Erkat drum cutters. The breaker version comes with two types of spray nozzle and eight ports so the spray can be adjusted to suit your application.

Epiroc Strengthens Offering with New Tools and Attachments Division

Epiroc recently made the decision to merge the Rock Drilling Tools Division and its Hydraulic Attachment Tools Division. The new division – Tools and Attachments offers increased collaboration across industries. Traditionally Rock Drilling Tools have been focused on mining activity while Hydraulic Attachments concentrated on construction, quarrying and demolition.

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