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The largest national importer and supplier of surveying equipment in Australia, including exclusive distribution of Leica Geosystems, C.R. Kennedy deliver industry-leading solutions, after-sales support and unparalleled service.

Way back in 1934 Clement Robertson Kennedy began importing photographic and optical products into Australia. Over the decades his business grew and evolved into the surveying market. C.R. Kennedy is now the nation’s largest importer and distributor of positioning and measurement technology.

They proudly provide products and solutions for every measuring task across many different industries, including civil construction, earthmoving, building, mining, utilities, surveying and mapping.

Technology and service has always been at the core of C.R. Kennedy, from the days of brass survey instruments through to today where cities can be spatially mapped by remote controlled machines.

With well over 200 staff, including highly qualified experts in their field and offices in most major cities, C.R. Kennedy deliver a truly nationwide network of service, support and tailored training opportunities.

The company have many leading brands in their portfolio, such as Riegl, Pentax and Myzox, but their biggest acquisition occurred in 2001 when they were appointed sole and exclusive Australian distributors for the Swiss-based giant Leica Geosystems. C.R. Kennedy has now established itself as one of the largest and most successful suppliers of Leica Geosystems’ survey equipment in the world.


Leica Geosystems itself has a rich history that goes back nearly 200 years to the founding of Kern & Co in 1819 and then later, in 1921, Wild Heerbrugg. Over the last two centuries the company, in its various forms, has grown by maintaining its edge at the forefront of surveying innovation.

In 2005 Leica Geosystems became part of the much larger Hexagon Group, a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.

In today’s modern age Leica Geosystems is a respected brand trusted by surveyors and measurement professionals the world over to help them capture, analyse and present spatial information. The company’s catchcry: “When it has to be right”, rings true, for when sites require accuracy, precision and reliability they naturally turn to Leica Geosystems to deliver flawless results.


CR Kennedy


Leica Geosystems’ iCON portfolio offers tailor-made hardware and software solutions for all positioning and measuring tasks. Intelligent and easy-to-use, the customisable solutions enhance performance and increase workflow on both small and large sites.

With seamless integration and one user interface, the iCON (“I”intelligent “con”struction) portfolio includes GPS Rovers, Foreman’s Kits, Robotic Total Stations and Ruggedised Tablet Computers, all driven by hi-tech but user-friendly software.


The latest in machine control, Leica’s iCONtrol solutions make it easy to leverage the entire range of intelligent, custom-made iCON products. iCONtrol communicates seamlessly with the iCONstruct sensors and iCON office software to provide a smooth workflow and increase productivity on site.

While iCONtrol provides perfect sensor communication between all construction personnel and machines on site, its Leica Geosystems’ iCONnect services that actually connects it all together, instantly and securely. A superior network enables users to access and transfer real-time data anywhere to and from the job site. The web-based suite of tools increases the efficiency of machine control operations on site and the full management of machinery fleets remotely.


Leica Geosystems’ portfolio extends to a range of construction tools from site-proof Rotating Laser Levels and Pipe Lasers, to Utility Detection and Mapping equipment.

C.R. Kennedy also stock a huge range of other surveying products from various high-profile brands. Their UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for site documentation, inspection and easy volume calculation are second-to-none. With incredible products, state-of-the-art solutions and backed by their dedicated support service, it’s easy to see why professionals turn to C.R. Kennedy for all their measurement and positioning needs.

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