Video Reviews

Video Reviews !

EEM is now filming our iconic test drives!  We are offering a 2-3 minute video review package  in addition to EEM test-drives featured in our print edition.  So not only will potential customers be able to read about how good your machine is, but they’ll be able to see it in high-definition glory.

Our skilled production team has years of experience in a variety of fields and are using state of the art cameras and techniques, which ensures the highest production quality, and value for money that will show your machinery in its best light.



* Video allows you to demonstrate your machinery at work in varying situations that reflect its true features.

* Demonstrates machinery effectively to customers in different geographical locations and terrain types.

* You can use it as part of your marketing collateral or for display at trade shows and events. * It limits the use and wear and tear of demo machines, saving you money in the long run.

* Ensures a consistent message  is delivered for your company and brand each time.

Your product review will appear in print. Your video will appear on youtube, plus you will also receive a copy for your own marketing purposes.

Custom videos are also available for anything from Corporate and Demonstration, to Training, Operation or Sales.

Call us now for a tailored package to suit your marketing needs and full pricing.

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