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Hyundai gets Top Marks from Demolition Expert

Vibration and dust are an inevitable part of demolition.  These factors can contribute to downtime in modern machines, but the robust construction of the Hyundai skid steer loader and excavators in Enviro Site Services’ (ESS) fleet have seen them remain reliable even in this demanding environment.

With a solid background in demolition, Myron Lichtnauer founded ESS in Queensland in 2006. The business has been active in asbestos removal since its inception and has added marine and mine demolition to its specialties.

High profile clients include the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Government and Port of Brisbane; and landmark projects include asbestos removal at the James Hardie Newstead factory (the largest such project in the Southern Hemisphere at the time) and removal of a kilometre-long jetty at Hayman Island.

The performance of the Hyundai excavators in the ESS fleet over a number of years gave Myron the confidence to purchase his first Hyundai HSL650-7 skid steer loader.

The HSL650-7 has a 650 kg operating capacity and 2,240 mm maximum dump height, and is powered by a 35.5 kW Kubota diesel engine. It features the optional fully enclosed, air-conditioned cab that provides ESS operators with improved operator comfort in hot and dusty environments.

The ESS skid steer is put to work stripping out the insides of supermarkets and other buildings, and loading the stripped material into waste skips that are taken to a sister company’s recycling facility for processing.

The HSL650-7 skid steer loader is slightly narrower than the other two skid steer loaders in the ESS fleet, to better suit this application. It is also a good match for ESS’ primary requirement of being robust, with features that are easily serviced and maintained.

Hyundai has recently introduced the latest model skid steer loader to supersede Myron’s HSL650-7, the HSL650-7A, which features a new more powerful engine and hydraulic pilot control system.

Not just a number

While the performance of the Hyundai excavators in the ESS fleet has been reason enough to continue to buy the brand, Myron has been equally impressed with the backup and support from the Brisbane Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) branch.

“Being a small contractor, you can feel like you’re a number with the big brand dealers. With HCE , I can call the service manager if I need to, and know that he will respond quickly” he says.

Hyundai machines have been so reliable that there has rarely been a problem, but it is good to know that help is only as far away as a phone call if you need it.”

A benefit of this confidence in the support is that where previously ESS employed its own fitter, Myron is now comfortable with having the dealer perform the maintenance.

“With work being done in different locations, our fitter needed to be mobile and this was a big investment. It makes sense to have the Hyundai experts, who are already set up for field service, handling our maintenance,” Myron says.

The quality of service has also been a significant factor for the ESS fleet that now carries 80 per cent Hyundai branded machines.

Additional specifications for HCE’s entire range of skid steer loaders can be found on

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