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HYDROGEN2POWER – Save on your fuel bill !

Cost saving, emissions friendly technology is still a long way from carting 40 tonne pay loads or ripping thousands of tonnes of ore from the ground each day. So, is there an alternative whilst we wait eagerly for this technology to be developed for the heavy transport, excavation and mining industry? The answer has been here in Australia for over 10 years in the form of a Hydrogen/diesel blended fuel that turns your existing equipment into a lean green, money saving machine.

Diesel is the lifeblood that courses through the veins of every piece of equipment that sustains thousands of jobs and earns millions of dollars that support our nation. Outside the cost of our capital equipment and labour, it is one of the greatest cost to any business. Fuel price rises have a huge impact on the bottom line so Hydrogen2Power solution to reduce your fuel bill is worth considering.

It may come as a surprise to most that Hydrogen/diesel hybrid conversions are already here and ready for your business to start today. Consider 30 per cent savings on your current fuel bill.

The patented Hydrogen/diesel technology has been developed by Elaine Johns. She is a scientist and not overly familiar with driving an excavator, but she has patented a technology that uses a very specific formula and delivery system for blending hydrogen gas with diesel on your existing equipment.

George from G&J Ters Excavations runs a small building and excavation company in Sydney running an old but reliable 1998 FD Hino Tipper truck. George coincidently lives down the road from Elaine Johns. When Elaine asked him if he would he like to save some money on his diesel fuel costs? The result – George has reduced his fuel cost by over 30 per cent over the last five years.

Hydrogen2Power have been running open days where prospective clients are able to see equipment running on hydrogen/diesel and talk to the owners of the equipment.

“There has been a growing excitement as we show off the technology. When we run the diesel generator from a see-through fuel cell and clients can see that less fuel is used when the hydrogen is activated, new prospectives are convinced,” said Jo Brown, Marketing Director.

“These savings are available for everyone to have the opportunity to experience. This is not “hocus pocus” or magic. It really works,” continues Jo.

For transport vehicles, an “E size” gas bottle is installed with gas regulators along with necessary plumbing to the fuel intake system. Each motor requires its own specific “tuning” to ensure the correct blend of Hydrogen and diesel is used.

Trained and authorised technicians carry out the installation at your premises, with a standard install taking only four hours. Extensive testing and certification has occurred to guarantee safety of technology. Lloyds of London provides worldwide insurance for the product. “Like any innovation, it takes time to get safety sign offs and testing completed,” says inventor Elaine Johns. “The technology has been working for over 10 years now and it can reduce emissions, whilst creating substantial savings for operators, “explains Elaine.

There is been plenty of media hype surrounding new Hydrogen technologies. Most of this hype centres on technology such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells that whilst proven, are currently very expensive and not on the horizon for the heavy transport industry.

Hydrogen2Power can fully install a Hydrogen / diesel hybrid system on your existing equipment starting at $6000 ex GST. Savings will commence from day one. The gas costs are fixed for five years following installation of the unit, and gas bottles are delivered free with no rental charge.

Hydrogen2Power provides individualised quotes based on specific operating needs.

For more information on the Hydrogen/diesel hybri visit

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