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Hydraulink Multipurpose High-Temperature Machinery Hose

Extra flexible new multipurpose high-temperature fleet hose from Hydraulink enhances machinery maintenance simplicity and safety.

A compact and highly flexible new multipurpose high-temperature machinery hose is being introduced by Hydraulink that simplifies servicing and enhances safety in maintaining fleet vehicles and machinery.

The Fahrenheit H2CXT two-braid hose can convey, in a single hose type, multiple liquids and gases, including hot oil, air, water, glycol and inert gases, while also meeting SAE J30 requirements for carrying diesel fuel.

This simplicity and versatility – enabling one hose type to be used where previously different types were required – is complemented by the new hose’s tight bend radius, which facilitates easier installation and routing in fleet machinery. Such machinery ranges from forklifts and materials handling machinery to heavy truck and construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling rig, energy, public utility and process engineering applications including agribusiness machinery and vehicle distribution fleet.

“Fahrenheit H2CXT saves time, money and inventory where owners and operators of machinery fleets need easily installed quality product to avoid downtime and excessive inventory caused by use of multiple hose types,” said Hydraulink Group Product Manager Mr Garth Woodhouse.

“The new hose’s tough, compact construction and tighter bend radius make it easier to install in tight spaces, which is both a convenience and efficiency feature as well as an OH&S advantage, particularly when maintenance teams are working to deadlines on machinery vital to production.” The high quality product – which carries

Mine Safety and Health administration (MSHA) cover – is available individually or as part of Hydraulink’s service provided through more than 400 service outlets throughout Australasia.

Features Include:

  • Blue highly abrasion-resistant MSHA cover for durability and safety
  • All sizes, from 04 (13.4mm outside diameter, OD) up to and including -24 (46.8mm OD)
  • 150 deg C maximum operating temperature (121C max with air)

The hose’s 121C hot air rating makes it suitable for a wider range of compressor/hot air applications than more conventional high-temperature rubber hose types.

The new hose’s larger sizes are also ideal for bull-hose airlines on drilling rigs.

Fleet applications include high-temperature oil lines in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems, including mining applications, compressor lines, and diesel fuel lines on mobile plant. Very few true-bore high-temperature rubber hoses available in Australasia are rated to convey diesel, said Mr. Woodhouse. Usually, a specific hose is required, generally of a nominal bore construction. The advantage of Hydraulink’s true bore construction is that standard fittings can be used to install it, adding further to the multipurpose flexibility of the new hose.

Hydraulink supplies hoses, fittings, adaptors, and accessories through more than 400 service points throughout Australasia. Hydraulink’s mobile units provide 24/7 service from a single contact point whenever they are needed – to prevent downtime, optimise uptime and ensure the smooth flow of business.

Hydraulink services extend from some of the remotest mining and energy projects to some of the largest construction and infrastructure projects throughout Asia-Pacific, including major road upgrades, OEM equipment and vehicle service for a huge range of industries.

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