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Hydraulink helps NSW Firefighters !

As NSW battles one of the worst bushfire seasons on record, the community-minded Hydraulink Port Macquarie branch has come to the aid of local firefighters to repair their broken hoses, so they can continue to protect the community.

Blackbutt Engineering, which operates as an authorised Hydraulink dealer in Port Macquarie, enthusiastically repaired hoses completely free of charge for the Lake Cathie Rural Fire Brigade and Lake Innes Rural Fire Brigade.

“These firefighters are going above and beyond the call of duty to protect families and their homes in a time of crisis. Being able to provide them with any amount of assistance was highly rewarding,” said Mr Simon Bell, Director, Blackbutt Engineering.

Lake Cathie Rural Fire Brigade

For the Lake Cathie brigade, Mr Bell and tradesman Andre Bouwer determined that the fire engine’s pumper live reel (the hose at the rear of the truck) had a leak on the reel end of the water pressure hose.

The two trained hydraulic technicians got to work promptly and repaired the leak, to get the fire truck back on road as quickly as possible, so that it could keep helping in the efforts to contain and manage the bushfires in local areas.

Lake Cathie Rural Fire Brigade was highly appreciative of the service and posted to their social media pages, “Huge credit to Simon and the boys at Blackbutt Engineering & Hydraulink Port Macquarie enthusiastically repairing our pumper live reel free of charge this morning. Absolute legends! Thank you.”

Lake Innes Rural Fire Brigade

For the Lake Innes brigade, Hydraulink efficiently fixed five hoses with holes in them, to get the firefighters ready for one of the worst predicted fire days the very next day.

The Lake Innes Rural Fire Brigade also greatly appreciated the assistance, posting on social media, “A big thanks to Simon and the awesome team at Blackbutt Engineering & Hydraulink Port Macquarie. The guys have donated their time to make some emergency repairs on our firefighting hoses.”

Blackbutt Engineering

Blackbutt Engineering & Hydraulink Port Macquarie is one of more than 400 Hydraulink hydraulic service points throughout Australia and New Zealand that proudly provides exceptional 24/7 service, a can-do attitude and quality products to all their customers. Group Marketing Manager, Daniella Laurenzi, says she is not at all surprised by the great work done by Simon and Andre.

“This kind of helpful, ‘get in and do whatever is needed’ attitude is what our Hydraulink network is known for. We have a tag line that refers to being ‘best under pressure’ and this is evident in all the stories I hear from our customers and network. Hydraulink strives to provide the best customer service in the industry and our technicians have a reputation for always going above and beyond and this is just another fantastic example. We’re very proud to have Blackbutt Engineering as part of our network.”

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