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Hydraulink can get your business back on track


With its extensive range of products, wide network and quick response service Hydraulink can get your business back on track any time in no time.

Over 70 years of industry expertise has gone into making Hydraulink a leading multinational brand providing hydraulic hose and fittings solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

Hydraulink expertise supports a diverse range of industries – from construction to mining, agriculture, marine, manufacturing and transport – with a quality range of products, wide-ranging network, quick response mobile service, and preventive maintenance services.


Hydraulink offers an extensive range of hoses, fittings and accessories to cater for just about every plant and equipment.

Established alliances with reputable global brands means Hydraulink can provide industry-leading solutions at competitive prices as well as ensure continuity of supply.

Hydraulink has been manufacturing hydraulic fittings since 1953, providing OEMs with hose tails and adaptors and a wide range of specialised fittings.


Hydraulink delivers hoses and fittings solutions through a widespread network of branches and authorised distributors. Over 400 service points throughout Australasia puts customers back on track in a very short time. Companies operating nationwide can be certain of seamless support from Hydraulink wherever they are.


Hydraulink mobile service vehicles manned by skilled technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The wide range of hoses and fittings on board is hard to match.

While the focus is on providing emergency repair, Hydraulink is well equipped to respond to today’s increasingly varied and often unique field service demands.

Designated mobile service vehicles have 2ll (50cm) hose crimping capability to service large, powerful equipment.




Operators of large-scale, remote projects count on fully equipped onsite Hydraulink units to service their needs – from intensive hydraulic equipment installations to emergency repair – providing them with a readily available resource that would otherwise demand capital investment, staff as well as workshop space.

Hydraulink’s engineering and manufacturing team can design and manufacture fittings tailormade to your specific requirements.


Hydraulink’s dedication to leading the industry in customer-focused product sourcing and development, testing and training has resulted in enduring confidence and trust in Hydraulink products and services.

Hydraulink quality is underpinned by rigorous R&D and QA evaluation. Hydraulink hoses and their componentry are explored and developed to respond to changing industry challenges as well as to ensure compliance to relevant SAE and ISO international standards.

In-house testing facilities include impulse and static test benches.


Formalised procedures ensure Hydraulink operations have minimal impact on the environment and are as positive as possible.

Environmental risk management is an ongoing process at Hydraulink.

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