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Huntlys Heavy Equipment and Equipment Specialists Australia

A Lovol excavator lifting up logs with a claw attachment

Huntlys Heavy Equipment has made a name for itself over the years by going above and beyond when it comes to catering for client requirements, and by simultaneously expanding its service suite when required. This has seen the husband-and-wife business not only establish long-term client relationships, but also develop its offerings in line with client demand.

Damian Roberts told EEM that he and wife Kerrie took over the business, based out of the Central Queensland city of Rockhampton, in 2007, with the two having since set about both consolidating and building its reputation as an efficient and effective provider of customised solutions.

Roberts, who grew up around machines and who draws on a broad range of experience in the industry, said a particular focus has been the development of close working relationships with local businesses and industries.

“We bought the existing business that was focused on earthmoving, along with a bit of civil type of stuff,” he said. “Over the years, we’ve probably gone a little bit away from machines and are now more into trucks.

“We currently range around 12 employees, with three or four core employees that work closely with the customers. These employees look after most of our jobs, and the customers specifically ask for them. We then go back to the same customers over the long term with the same employees who they trust.”

A broad range of services supported by an efficient and effective approach

Huntlys specialises in general earthmoving and tailored transport solutions for local clients, with its service suite spanning heavy haulage, state-wide transport, water cartage, contract and farming earthmoving, roadworks and machine hire.

Roberts told EEM that the business undertakes a substantial amount of work for HQ Plantations, including road maintenance, harvest raking and getting fields ready for replanting, and also carries out ongoing work at the Port Alma salt works.

“We do a bit of everything,” he explained. “We also specialise in heavy haulage, moving machinery. Most of our work is with clients that we’ve worked for over the long term, and we’ve built our reputation over the years by doing the right thing by them – having repeat customers is important to us.

“We try to provide a service where we can get the work done efficiently and effectively, and also keep the costs down for our clients.”

One of Huntlys Heavy Equipment's Lovol excavators with a bucket attachment
The FR220D has been a strong addition to Huntlys’ fleet since the business picked it up in mid-2022.

Huntlys has recently added a new Lovol FR220D excavator to its fleet, purchased from Toowoomba-based earthmoving and transport operator Equipment Specialists Australia (ESA). Roberts explained that the machine is not only currently being put to use at Port Alma, but is also part of a push to further expand the business’ overall range of services.

“The other reason we purchased the excavator is to further expand the machinery dry hire side of the business,” he said.

“We’re updating our fleet to provide high-quality newer machinery for hire, and buying the FR220D was part of that process. We’ll next be looking at the Lovol loader range due to the high quality and reliability of Lovol.”

Lovol FR220D excavator effectively tackles tough conditions

Roberts said that a key factor behind Huntly’s purchase of the FR220D is its minimal electrical components, making it a good option for the tough environment it is being deployed in, and also paving the way for more hands-on maintenance.

“The main reasoning is that without the computers in it and also the excess wiring, we are doing a lot of work at the salt works, and that doesn’t go well with sensors and all that sort of thing in such an environment,” he commented.

“Without so much of the electronic stuff and by keeping it basic, we can maintain the machine effectively in the environment we’re working in.”

Lawrence Perkins, ESA Operations Manager, also highlighted the benefits provided by the reduced electronics.

“Without any computer required to plug in, it’s the machine you want to own for less downtime and huge cost savings, yet comparing to the big-name brands in function, quality and performance,” he told EEM.

“Lovol truly compares with the big-name brands, in quality, build and with renowned brands used, such as KPM, Rexroth, Isuzu and Yanmar, also found in trusted brands. With many Lovol machines now working around Australia, feedback has been exceptional, with experienced operators commenting on how good the machines are.”

With ESA’s evolving Lovol range supported by a growing dealer network, Perkins noted they have a wide range of spare parts in stock and are firmly focused on providing comprehensive after-sales support, putting the customers first.

Roberts said the FR220D has proven a strong addition to Huntly’s fleet since the business picked it up in mid-2022, with operators welcoming its capacity to power on through and get the job done in often harsh conditions.

“One of my main guys has been operating it and he’s more than happy,” he said. “We did a test drive before we purchased it and he was happy then as well. We’ve had no issues with it. It’s done everything required of it and more, at a more cost-effective price.

“Everything’s gone smoothly with ESA, right from ordering the machine, and the wait time was good. We haven’t had any dramas and everything’s been excellent so far.”

A view from behind one of Huntlys Heavy Equipment's Lovol excavators
A key factor behind Huntly’s purchase of the FR220D is its minimal electrical components, making it a good option for the tough environment.

Lovol FR220D excavator specs

The FR220D weighs in at 22.5t (operational weight) and runs a 114kW Tier 2 Isuzu engine with a mechanical inline fuel pump (no ECU, EGR, DPR or AdBlue), decked out to deliver strong power and low fuel consumption, with it also featuring:

  •  A tough and heavy duty high-strength steel construction, designed to reduce stress concentration in key areas;
  •  A maximum digging height of 10.2m, digging depth of 6.8m and digging radius of 9.9m; comes with a standard 1m3 GP bucket with teeth (options available); 143 kN digging force, 116 kN dipper arm force;
  •  The anti-tilt ROPS and FOPS-certified cab is equipped with six silicone oil shock absorbers installed at the bottom of the cab;
  •  The cab also features a front windshield that can be partially or fully retracted to the roof, while the visual field is optimised, with a large, wide-angle rear-view mirror eliminating blind spots, along with a suspension seat and air conditioning;
  •  A KPM hydraulic system with pilot joysticks for precise control; and
  •  The cab’s anti-slip plate improves slip resistance and makes it safer during maintenance, while the engine’s three-stage filtering arrangement is optimised for convenient maintenance.
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