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How to recoup capital in today’s economic environment

In the economic volatility of 2021, many Australian businesses have begun considering ways to recuperate capital to navigate market instability. With forecasts hinting at a technical recession, businesses have been left to either reinvent or recoup capital ahead of potential downturns. To steer their partners towards fortuitous business decisions, Pickles provides expertise on fleet management to vendors in need of recuperation through selling owned assets.

As production and delivery of assets was delayed across the world from 2020 onwards, the used asset industry quickly became a seller’s market in Australia. This provided a range of options for asset-rich companies who needed capital to stay resilient through the economic rollercoaster of the previous 18 months. By providing vendors with asset management, Pickles’ partners have sold used assets with great success throughout FY21.

For many companies it can be difficult to understand the magnitude of value that exists within used industrial equipment. Selling industrial assets at a prime time is one of the most profitable ways a business can maintain healthy finances. The used industrial industry is beneficial both to buyers and sellers in Australia as the demand for used assets means buyers on a budget can gain access to otherwise unaffordable equipment. For sellers, regaining capital for owned assets allows businesses to free up money for company circulation or to reinvest into pieces of newer equipment.

Some businesses have previously lost out on this form of capital recouping as they age out their assets without weighing their resell options. Pickles offers its partners management advice for this exact purpose as they know there is no use in selling an assetonce it has been superseded by technological advancements or simply passes a condition of which it is still buyable. The timing of selling used assets is critical and Pickles prides itself on retaining the expertise necessary to help partners offload their equipment at the ideal time. Pickles achieves this by consulting with vendors to advise where their asset sits in the current market, taking into consideration the current supply and demand, value of the sale stock and how long new versions of the asset would take to arrive with the buyers.

One vendor that manages their fleet under Pickles’ advice is Q H & M Birt, a leading civil construction contractor that operates in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. With a partnership that has lasted over 30 years, Pickles takes pride in providing expertise that allows Q H & M

Birt to offload assets at a time that benefits them with liquidity and enables smart future business purchases. Most recently, Q H & M Birt used Pickles’ services to sell millions of dollars’ worth of industrial equipment including dozers, compactors, excavators and trucks. By taking Pickles’ advice, the sale was a great success, resulting in over $15M in total sales. Pickles led Q H & M Birt through the process, from advising on which assets were most profitable in the current environment to delivering a successful campaign that allowed for the viewing and selling of assets in a contactless and COVID-compliant manner.

The auction resulted in:
• Over $15M total sales
• Over 3M online impressions
• 100,000+ page views
• 29,687 user interactions

Q H & M Birt is a business that recognises the value of regular asset turnover to retain more capital over longer periods. Pickles proudly offers this fleet management service to vendors looking to take their capital administration to the next level. This expansion began upon consultation with vendors in 2020 and continues to pave the way for Australian asset remarketing.

Pickles is Australia’s leading marketplace for used industrial goods and buys and sells thousands of quality assets every week. To kickstart your asset management and regain capital on your fleet, contact Pickles today.

For more information visit WWW.PICKLES.COM.AU

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