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How cleaner construction can build a sustainable future

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Embedding sustainable practices is critical in ensuring the long-term success of your construction business as we move towards a greener global economy. Viva Energy Australia (Shell Lubricants Macro Distributor) and Shell Lubricant Solutions provide a range of options to help businesses achieve operational excellence and reduce their environmental impact.

Reducing CO2 emissions is top of the business agenda across all industries including construction, as tighter regulations and consumer demand mean a shift towards a low-carbon economy. But the pressure to maximise output and increase productivity at the same time creates operational challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has further increased these pressures, and construction companies have found it difficult to keep up with demand due to dwindling workforces. And the demand is clearly rising, with the industry predicted to expand by 35 per cent over the next decade.

“Minimising the environmental impact of industry is not a new concern, but recent years have seen an increased focus and the acceleration of action. Around the world and across industries, companies are setting ambitious targets to decarbonise their operations,” Troy Chapman, Vice President – Global Marketing B2B and OEM Lubricants, Shell Lubricant Solutions said.

“This presents businesses with the challenge of finding practical solutions to help protect the environment while also meeting the ever-present demand for higher productivity, complying with rapidly changing legislation and strengthening their licence to operate. All while optimising their total cost of ownership.”

Like most industries, the construction industry faces a delicate balancing act: how to meet demand and drive profitability while improving its environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions. Shell Lubricants help businesses to use more sustainable practices that serve to avoid or reduce emissions, and can provide opportunities for CO2 offsets. Practices such as improving equipment performance and energy efficiency, investing in carbon-offsetting programs and offering a range of carbon- neutral premium lubricants from 2021, such as the Shell Naturelle range.


Construction operations are also increasingly in remote and diverse locations. It is vital to develop innovative solutions that ensure businesses can flourish while preserving these sensitive environments. Shell Lubricant Solutions offers a range of readily biodegradable lubricants that help businesses to grow safely and sustainably.

Shell Naturelle S2 Hydraulic Fluid is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid for advanced performance in environmentally sensitive areas. Using an EAL (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant) like Shell Naturelle, provides an effective way for companies operating near environmentally sensitive areas to manage their impact on ecosystems, by protecting soil and groundwater with low ecotoxicity lubricants and maintain their licence to operate.

New regulations and industry practices are also encouraging businesses to manage their waste in a more efficient way. Shell Lubricant products are designed to extend equipment life to reduce waste and to encourage the recycling of used parts. The plastic pails used for the Shell Naturelle range currently include 25% post-consumer recycled resin, and these solutions comply with the latest 2020 EU Ecolabel requirements and help reduce plastic waste to landfill.

“Increasingly, there is a realisation among companies that making a tangible difference means looking at not only their own operations but also their whole supply chain,” Chapman pointed out. “So, customers are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions that contribute to a company’s broader sustainability targets.”

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As we progress towards a more circular economy, businesses are finding ways to reuse, recycle or repurpose products. Working with a partner with the right expertise enables you to unlock the ability to increase both profitability and sustainability.

Shell Lubricants and Viva Energy Australia work with business partners to reach their sustainability goals by educating maintenance managers on the performance benefits of regenerated oils with base oils, and reviewing the use of sustainably sourced raw materials such as re-refined base oils and bioderived materials, plus provide peace of mind that the products meet regulatory requirements.

Shell Naturelle carbon neutral3 lubricants present an easy choice for construction businesses. They protect equipment, the environment and productivity. For more information speak to our Viva Energy Technical Help Desk (Shell Lubricant Specialists). Call 1300 134 205 or email

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