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Hiway Stabilizers – New Volvo ABG P8820C Paver

Established in 1982, Hiway Stabilizers is a frontrunner in the design and delivery of advanced stabilisation solutions for pavements in road construction, infrastructure, maintenance, gas and mining.

Originally established by the Boocock family based in Silverdale, North of Auckland, New Zealand, Hiway Stabilizers steadily grew and became one of the most prominent family owned businesses in New Zealand through continued success primarily in the road construction market.

In 2011 Direct Capital took a significant stake in the business that resulted in a growth strategy and a greater presence into the Australian market. The Riverside Company has since replaced Direct Capitaland Hiways has continued its development in Australia whilst maintaining its position in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Hiway Stabilizers has operations in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria, as well as their original operations in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. They maintain a predominantly mobile operation that can travel anywhere for their customers with expansion into South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory being progressed.

Hiway Stabilizers own a large fleet of well-maintained and modern equipment, which is continually being improved as new technologies become available and their operations expand. Hiway Stabilizers have initiated the use of numerous stabilising technologies employed in Australia and New Zealand today. Their expertise and commitment to innovation has seen them develop solutions that optimise the engineering properties of materials making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications and conditions.

Part of their commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of the industry, Hiway Stabilizers have the largest fleet of purpose built stabilisation plant across Australasia.

As a leader in their industry, Hiway Stabilizers need the most advanced machinery to stay ahead of the game, which is why they choose Volvo Construction Equipment.The Hiway Stabilizers team in Loganholme, Queensland recently took delivery of their first Volvo ABG P8820C paver. Fitted with a VDT V89 screed, the paver is the first of its kind to be delivered in Australia.

Paul Rhoden, General Manager North, advised the paver was purchased to lay foam bitumen, asphalt, subbase and rail ballast.

The Volvo paver is the ideal machine for the job because of its capacity to lay deep passes due to the dual tamping and vibrating screed with variable width of 3-6m and the capacity to go to 9m with extensions.

The paver’s lift depth can be up to 300mm depending upon the material used. The screed can be hydraulically adjusted to plus or minus 10% crown. The screed and anticlimbing locks, proportional auger control sensors and proportional control of the conveyor belt with smart dock make for easy operation.

Pave Assist powered by Volvo Co-Pilot provides material management, weather view function and thermal mapping to make life easier for the operator with all the information right in front of them.

To facilitate clear communication when feeding material into the Hopper the paver is fitted with Smart Dock. Two signal bars mounted on either side of the machine provides an LED matrix to display instructions to the driver to stop, go, slow, tip, lower or hold. A remote control allows the operator or another crew member to convey the message, which makes a better and safer way to operate on a construction site.

Paul Rhoden says the screed, toque and low operating noise of the Volvo paver were a big influence in Hiway Stabilizers choosing to purchase with Volvo Construction Equipment.

Another factor that was important in the purchasing decision was the high quality back-up service from CJD Equipment  Hiway Stabilizers had previously purchased Volvo wheel loaders from CJD Equipment and trust the CJD team in Queensland with their servicing needs. Hiway’s has a large workforce of specialist stabilisation and road construction and maintenance staff. Their site operational staff are supported by a team of experienced professional engineers, pavement designers and project managers with experience covering all forms of insitustabilisation as well as plantmixed foamed bitumen materials production. Their expert team also provides a prove  one-stop shop for design and construction offering a range of subgrade, subbase and basecourse modification services, which are more cost effective than traditional road construction and rehabilitation methods. As well as the cost savings they generate Hiway Stabilizers’ innovative solutions reduce construction time, increase strength and durability, and are more environmentally sustainable.

Expert teams such as Hiway Stabilizers need reliable partnerships they can trust to continue to succeed in their industry, which is why Hiway Stabilizers chooses CJD Equipment’s highly experienced team for machinery and servicing support.

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