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With a total workforce experience in lubricants topping more than 200 years, Hi-Tec Oils certainly know a thing or two about lubrication. Hi-Tec Oils are one of Australia’s largest independent oil manufacturers, with warehouses in every state and territory throughout Australia all managed by Hi-Tec’s own staff.

Hi-Tec’s state-of-the-art blending plant produces a range of high quality oil products based on the ongoing partnerships with leading international base oil and additive suppliers. Hi-Tec Oils remain at the forefront of technology and ensure their oils are updated to meet and exceed the demanding OEM, API, SAE and ISO standards.

Their premium lubricants cover a wide range of automotive, industrial agricultural, transport and heavy equipment applications.

With an extensive lubricant range of over 450 line items consisting of fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral oils, greases, specialty products, solvent degreasers, hand cleaners, emergency spill kits and dispensing equipment, for example grease guns and oil dispensing equipment.


Hi-Tec Oils


Hi-Tec Oils use the latest global technology to produce their products with a local focus. They are one of Australia’s major independent lubricant manufacturers, having been established for over 26 years.

Over this time they have delivered proven and reliable products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

All Hi-Tec Oils products are Quality Assured and the company is ISO accredited as well so you know you are going to get a good product. They have found that by having one centralised manufacturing plant they’ve been able to continually grow whilst remaining strong and stable and maintaining that all important personal attention that the products need and customers demand.

One of the great things you get by dealing with a company such as Hi-Tec Oils is one dedicated point of contact, everyone has their own Hi-Tec Oils rep to ensure you get the best service and the right products to suit your customer’s needs.


Hi-Tec Oils


One of the other benefits of dealing with a company such as Hi-Tec Oils is also the range of products they can offer and with over 450 line items they can provide everything from petrol and light diesel engine oils, to heavy diesel engine and agriculture, farm and industrial oils as well as filters.

They also have an extensive range of automotive gear and transmission oils along with coolants and brake fluids. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a range of greases and pumping equipment, cleaning products and speciality products. All of which are available in a range of sizes to suit.

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