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Hidromek addition to The Young Group fleet

The Young Group's new Hidromek excavator and roller

EEM caught up with The Young Group’s Sean Devine and Tim Holloway, to find out more about their experience with Hidromek equipment.

The Young Group is a leading Tasmanian, family-owned business spanning the full spectrum of property investment, development, construction, management, and leasing. The company was founded in 2008 by Trent and Nakiya Young who have built the company on family values, integrity, and trust to provide a positive contribution to communities and build spaces for businesses and people to flourish. They work closely with all local stakeholders to provide quality and value in this space. Its commitment lies in building a better future for the community with innovation and sustainability at the core of their work across commercial, retail, industrial and residential sectors.

The Young Group’s Tim Holloway said they have found Hidromek equipment to be powerful and fuel efficient, with different settings for power modes.

The Young Group is driven by strong local knowledge and extensive industry expertise, whose team is committed to shaping places that fuel economic and social success.

With this mindset The Young Group were open to exploring the Hidromek range of equipment for the first time. Sean Devine, an operator in the company said that “aside from seeing them beside the highway”, they had not much knowledge about the brand, nor used any of their equipment on any projects before.

At the moment, it is working on a $60m warehouse development on 6.5 hectares over five years in Hobart’s northern suburbs. The site will include local breweries with tastings, shops, community centre, cafes, and a factory which is adjacent to affordable homes, with stage one starting soon.

“Over time, The Young Group have owned a ‘mix of different brands of equipment including Hitachi, Komatsu, Kubota excavators, bobcats, skid steers and a Dynapac roller’,” explained Tim Holloway, Head of Construction. The Group is looking to expand its fleet to complete some of these new projects and were approached by Onetrak to consider Hidromek machinery that suited the needs for their operations.

The HMK310LC and HMK110CS are comfortable, spacious, and smooth in the cab.

This was the start of the partnership with Onetrak and the Hidromek brand, during October and November 2022.

“We have added the Hidromek HMK310LC excavator and the HMK110CS roller to our fleet, which are currently being used for our subdivisions, the quarry on the farm, and roads that lead to the quarry,” Tim explained.

Tim said that they have found the Hidromek equipment to be ‘powerful and fuel efficient, with different settings for power modes and it is on par with other brands’.

“The driving experience is excellent. Both machines, the HMK310LC and HMK110CS, are comfortable, spacious, and smoother in the cab, with the HMK310LC excavator being especially comfortable,” Tim said.

He said both machines have great features and everything works well including touchscreens, the Topcon GPS, and Doherty quick-hitch.

“It’s more than a 10 out of 10 for me. Even the cold box for your drink or lunch is cool,” Sean added.

“It didn’t take long for us to get used to the controls because they are standard,” Sean said. “The roller is easy to operate, and it is simple to show someone how to operate it. We were also impressed with the safety features which include the lock-on controller and having to be in neutral before you started up.”

Sean also described the visibility from the cab as being good due to the cab’s design and wide cab angles.

“You can also take the padfoot off the roller providing a multi-option, which was one of the reasons for buying it,” he said.

In terms of aftersales support, Sean commended Onetrak’s support and service.

“It has been great, with Onetrak’s attention to detail, and quick response time being a highlight,” Sean said. “We deal with the service team at the Bridgewater Branch, and they have been very responsive and great to deal with.”

At the end of it, Sean was more than satisfied with the performance of the machines.

“We get questions all the time about the equipment, with curious people including truck drivers wanting to know what the Hidromeks are like, and we are more than happy to recommend Hidromek and Onetrak to anyone asking because we are pleased with the performance and comfort of the machines,” he said.

If you want to find out more about Hidromek contact Onetrak, your local Hidromek supplier in Australia on 1300 727 520 or visit


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