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Hedweld taking on the hairiest month of the year – Movember

The Hedweld Group of Companies are world leaders in the design and manufacturing of Trilift® maintenance support equipment and Safe-Away® ladder and stairway access systems for large mining and earthmoving vehicles. Hedweld employs 101 staff – 82 are male. So the team at Hedweld are taking the stand to change the face of Men’s Health! Hedweld’s Movember team is strong this year and with their “Mo’s” are hoping to raise vital funds and awareness for prostate, testicular cancer and mental health.

Movember aims to put a fun twist on a serious issue. Using the moustache as a catalyst, we hope to bring about change and give men the opportunity and confidence to learn and talk about their health more openly and take action.

The facts and statistics on the Movember website are scary and are too startling to ignore so Hedweld is taking on the challenge with an internal Mo competition. There are a number of prizes to be won including, the best mo, the cricket team mo (11 a side), and the most creative.

The Hedweld team has registered on the Movember website. This team is not just open to our employees but anyone in the community or industry that would like to join in.


Alan Broome, Hedweld’s independent chairman, has joined the Hedweld Movember team this year. However, seeing that Alan’s Mo is already quite impressive we have decided to add a little twist to Alan’s month.

If the donations reach Alan’s fundraising goal he has agreed to shave his moustache off at the end of the month!!!


Alan’s neat Mo has been around for 47 long years. Nobody in Alan’s immediate family has seen him without it; in fact even his sister can’t recall seeing him without it!  The Mo is precious to Alan, but for a good cause he is willing to say goodbye to the Mo. NOBODY in the mining industry has seen Alan without this distinguishing feature, so we are asking the industry to get behind Alan this Movember. Please help us raise money for a very worthy cause by “Donating cash to remove the Broome stache!”


Hedweld appreciate your support during the hairiest month of the year! To donate please visit: Donate to the team or Donate to Alan Broome


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