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Haul-powerful: the Volvo A60H

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new A60H Articulated Hauler is packed with all the latest features and technology to optimise performance and operator comfort.

In the world of heavy machinery, where performance, durability and productivity are paramount, Volvo has long been a trusted name. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is showcased perfectly in the Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, opencast mines, and large earthmoving operations, the A60H’s long service life, quality, reliability, and durability are everything you’d expect from a Volvo, making hauling easier and more efficient.

The A60H is the largest articulated hauler on the market, and when coupled with Volvo’s advanced productivity services like Haul Assist and Caretrack, it’s revolutionising the construction industry.

Volvo CE’s Co-Pilot system encompasses various safety functions. Image: CJD Equipment

The A60H features the D16F engine, known for its fuel efficiency, and is a favourite among Volvo equipment users. This engine is celebrated for providing exceptional tonnes-per-litre fuel efficiency and outstanding productivity. This engine provides the essential power and torque required for effortless handling of substantial payloads.

Additionally, the A60H comes equipped with an active hydraulic front suspension system that enables high-speed hauling even in challenging conditions. This system allows the front suspension to react actively to uneven surfaces, improving traction and stability, which is crucial when hauling heavy loads or rough terrain.

By actively adjusting the front suspension, the system optimises operator comfort by reducing the impact of vibrations and jolts, providing a smoother ride, and reducing operator fatigue. It also enhances the machine’s ability to maintain control and stability at higher hauling speeds in challenging conditions.

Equipped with advanced technology, the A60H ensures that operators have the tools they need to optimise their performance and boost efficiency. This is where Volvo’s productivity services come into play, adding an extra layer of intelligence to the machine.

Volvo Co-Pilot serves as the central command hub for all Volvo Assist platforms. Image: CJD Equipment

Haul Assist: The smart way to optimise performance

Volvo Co-Pilot serves as the central command hub for all Volvo Assist platforms. This state-of-the-art device leverages the potential of onboard machine data and high-precision sensors to streamline tasks, leading to substantial reductions in completion times. Co-Pilot’s user-friendly interface ensures operators can quickly initiate projects with just a few simple taps, selecting the required job parameters effortlessly.

As part of the suite of Volvo Assist platforms, Haul Assist provides real-time information on the machine’s performance, productivity, and fuel efficiency. Operators can make informed decisions to enhance their hauler’s capabilities, ensuring that every load is moved with precision and with minimal impact on the environment.

Haul Assist also has several optional features such as onboard weighing (OBW), tyre-pressure monitoring and haul assist map, among others.

The OBW system continuously monitors payload weight and transmits this data to the machine electronics, preventing overloading, unnecessary wear and tear, tyre damage, and excessive fuel consumption. The OBW system also enables operators to monitor their loads, track all transported materials to specific dump zones, record various material types, and monitor productivity data with the option to set individual targets.

Volvo’s tyre-pressure system is designed to monitor and manage the air pressure in the vehicle’s tyres to enhance safety, improve fuel efficiency, extend tyre life, and reduce overall operating costs.

Volvo CE’s Co-Pilot system also encompasses various safety functions designed to reduce the risk of accidents and enhance overall worksite safety. The strategically positioned display minimises operator interactions with fewer on-screen menus, enabling them to concentrate on immediate tasks. By establishing predefined operational boundaries, Volvo Co-Pilot promptly notifies the operator through auditory and visual cues. This intelligent technology improves safety and decreases the necessity for extra personnel on-site by reducing physical movement around the machinery.

Caretrack: Monitoring your machine’s data

Caretrack, another essential part of Volvo’s productivity services, provides the critical data needed to ensure the A60H is operating at its peak. This telematics system delivers real-time information on the machine’s health and performance, offering insights into fuel consumption, utilisation, and excessive idling to enhance operational efficiency.

CJD Equipment is now offering a complimentary ten-year free standard CareTrack connectivity package on new Volvo GPPE machines.

Caretrack also helps with preventative maintenance. By continuously monitoring the hauler’s condition, it can identify issues before they become critical, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

To safeguard investments and mitigate theft risks, Caretrack provides an optional anti-theft tracking system. Various events trigger this system, including unauthorised machine use, tampering, movement detection, and geofencing functions. In the event of unauthorised use, the system allows for remote immobilisation of the machine, ensuring asset security.

Additionally, fleet managers can upgrade to ActiveCare, the next step up from CareTrack, allowing them to gain additional insights into their machines. ActiveCare provides customers with weekly ActiveCare Reports, offering insights into how their machines are being used and where uptime could be improved.

The advice provided in the ActiveCare reports can assist customers in making changes to their working methods that could have a positive impact on productivity and profitability. Alerts from the report can indicate the risk of premature component wear and future breakdowns if left unaddressed. ActiveCare can also provide a summary of the machine’s technical status and identify alterations in operating behaviour that may be affecting the machine’s health.

Based on these ActiveCare Reports, CJD Equipment can initiate a case if there are technical issues that require priority attention. This case may encompass a comprehensive examination of the machine’s software, suggestions for improving operator behaviour where applicable, recommendations for reducing CO2 emissions, and any other pertinent information gleaned from the ActiveCare reports.

Finally, CareTrack and ActiveCare provide crucial insights into the machine’s operational uptime at various stages of its life cycle. These insights facilitate proactive service planning and advance spare parts ordering, ultimately minimising downtime – an invaluable resource.

Effortless Volvo maintenance

Maintaining the A60H is a swift and straightforward process, featuring exceptional accessibility as the front grill lowers to unveil a service platform equipped with anti-slip steps. Furthermore, the electric hood opens to a 90-degree angle, ensuring complete and secure access to the engine compartment.

With a solid commitment to providing high levels of service to ensure the best experience and highest productivity from the end user, CJD Equipment spares no expense when it comes to equipment the company supplies. CJD operates 20 branches across Australia with over 100 field service staff and 150 workshop staff.

The company also has an additional 15 resident field service technicians and over 20 product support and aftersales support staff to support customers nationally. Additionally, CJD offers an after-hours call-out service that is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

The A60H is available for purchase across Australia. To enquire about stock or the range of additional add-on options, please get in touch with your local CJD Equipment branch on 1300 139 804 or visit:


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