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Hatz Is Where The Digitization Of Compact Engines Begins

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Hatz’s latest generation of engines with E1 technology received their first emission certificates. This is an important milestone for the development and future of “light equipment”.

This is the first time that single-cylinder industrial diesel engines with electronic injection and control have been certified according to the currently valid US standard EPA Tier 4 final. The Hatz 1D90E engine is the peak performer of the range. At almost 11 kilowatts (14 horsepower), it is the most powerful single-cylinder diesel in the world. Hatz 1B50E, 1B30E and 1B30VE cover the output ranges up to around eight kilowatts (11 horsepower) and five kilowatts (6 horsepower) respectively with extremely compact dimensions.

The E1 technology paves the way for a networked future, for example, for handguided machines, mobile light masts or power generators. This bridges the gap between previously mechanically controlled engines and the requirements of modern companies that work digitally. The Hatz E1 engines meet the emissions requirements according to EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 final. Thanks to Hatz designed engine control unit, ability to perform onsite and remote diagnoses can be achieved. Hatz offers new convenient functions such as starter motor and engine protection and automatic shut down when idling for long period, saving fuel, all achieved via dedicated engine control unit.

High torque with low installation space requirements. The three and four cylinder H series has been specially constructed for low emissions at a very high torque. A ground breaking downsizing approach was adopted in the development of the Hatz H-series. The outcome is extremely compact, turbocharged engines, setting benchmarks in their performance classes. The 4H50TIC, a turbo-charged two litre engine achieves a maximum power of 55 kilowatts and sets the benchmark in its power class with a weight of only 173kg.

The engine complies with the strict limit values of EU 97/68 Stage IIIB and EPA Tier 4 final without particulate filter. The H-family was developed from the very beginning with a focus on fulfilment of tighter regulations, such as EU_Stage V that will make a diesel particulate filter (DPF) inevitable. These TICD models are fitted with the customized Hatz diesel particulate filter system optiHEAT that can be optimally adapted to the machine and installation situation.

Hatz also offers the three-cylinder and four-cylinder TI models that work without EGR and DOC and achieve maximum outputs of 64 kilowatts for countries that do not place special requirements on emission values. Compliance with the EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II emission levels is still achieved without any exhaust gas treatment.

The E1 technology has also been honoured in the USA for the 2019 and 2020 achievement with the Diesel Progress Award. The jury primarily based its decision on the ground breaking development of new technologies: “Hatz impresses with the electronic injection and control of compact, powerful engines, as well as the accompanying connectivity for the Internet of Things.”

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