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Hastings Deering’s First Self-Bunded On-Site CAT Oil Solution

In an initiative to find an environmentally responsible solution to bulk oil usage on construction sites, Storemasta and Hastings Deering have created a self-bunded onsite mobile solution that holds up to 8000 litres of oil.

Manufactured in Burnie Tasmania, this product will be Hastings Deering’s first mobile lubrication storage and dispensing station available to customers.

Dan Ware, Customer Support Manager at Hastings Deering, said they saw a need to provide an end to end solution for construction customers who regularly move from site to site.

“It was also important that it was environmentally responsible. The whole container is internally bunded, which reduces the risk of any oil spill. This also removes the need for any extra onsite bunding to store the oils because it’s all self-contained,” said Mr. Ware.

“This self-contained oil station was a good way to ensure our customers have a faster and easier way to not only store and dispense their oils, but also to handle the waste oil on site.

“The On-Site Oil Station is fully ventilated through filters, which reduces the risk of dust and other contaminants getting into the bulk oil on site and moving between sites.”

Chris Hutchison, After Market Solutions at Hastings Deering, said that the collaboration with Storemasta was done with contamination control and oil cleanliness in mind.

“This practice helps to improve overall component life and therefore maintain the performance of customers’ equipment,” said Mr. Hutchison.

“Having this solution on site can also help to reduce time spent on performing maintenance on equipment. The product is fitted with Oil and Waste reels that can enable evacuation and quick fill of the machine’s compartments.”

The self-bunded On-Site Oil Station holds up to 8000 litres of oil in four separate drums including; gear, transmission, hydraulic, engine, waste oil, and AdBlue.

Additional features of the On-Site Oil station include a bunded sump, ease of loading Oil containers from each end, internal pumps, waste collection trolley, grease trolley, racking for filters and consumables, air reel, filtration lines through to the reels and metered nozzles for accurate dispensing and the ability to dial in required litres.

Caleb Urquhart, CEO Storemasta said that it was a great experience to work on designing and constructing the mobile Cat Oil container with the team at Hastings Deering.

“It’s been great for the Storemasta team to collaborate with an industry leader, and to be a part of the high level of commitment that they have for their customers, and the service offering that they deliver.” said Mr. Urquhart.

“For us, it’s been about understanding specific applications and delivering a solution that reduces risk and delivers efficiencies.”

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