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Hastings Deering Dig Day 2017

Hastings Deering

Hastings Deering is raising the bar for Dig Day 2017.

Queensland and Northern Territory’s exclusive Caterpillar dealer, Hastings Deering, are pulling out all stops to ensure their 2017 Dig Day, to be held in Brisbane on Saturday October 14, provides visitors a first-hand experience of why Cat is the market leader in construction equipment and aftermarket solutions.

Hastings Deering Building and Construction Industries Manager, Matt Scott, said with the fluctuating nature of the construction industry it was more important than ever, for even the smallest of operators, to run nimble and efficient operations.

“We often joke these are ‘boys toys’, but just as we consider fuel economy and the cost of service and parts for our family car, our equipment is no different. In fact, you can times that importance by 10 when it comes to your business and the importance of uptime,” he said.

“Just as the mining sector has turned to technology to deliver reduced operating costs and improved productivity – we see construction companies embracing cutting edge equipment to ensure they can run the most productive and efficient operations possible.”

With more than 200 Cat machines in one place, the must do Dig Day is a ‘boots-on’ event allowing contractors to roll up their sleeves and put select machines through their paces: to ‘try before they buy’ in real construction environments.


Hastings Deering

“While testing a machine is certainly beneficial to many contractors, this event is much more than putting machines through their paces: it is also about showcasing our after-sales solutions including machine safety, technology, parts and service,” Mr Scott said, “Today’s equipment technology solutions are designed to help improve jobsite efficiency and provide the best information and insights to operations.

“We have previously held the event primarily for our smaller construction equipment (sub 10 tonnes), but along with opportunities to test a range of Skid Steers, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators and Worktools, for the first time we will have select heavy construction machinery on display.

“Dig Day is part of our ongoing initiatives to reinforce and demonstrate Cat construction machinery superiority and also the Hastings Deering aftersales support network, including parts, service and technology. It may look like fun going through the paces in our ‘makeshift worksite’ but with leaner times still forecast this is serious business. It is like that adage that sometime you have to spend money to make money.

“Our Dig Days have become an essential event for contractors because this is often the only opportunity they have out of their normal work day, with no pressure, to evaluate and experience all of our products at one time. It allows those machine owners a first-hand experience of the Caterpillar building construction equipment range.

This way they can choose the right machine for their business.

“No other competitive manufacturer or dealer has access to such facilities and product availability in one place, at one time.


Hastings Deering

It’s a chance for us to bring customers into our home and show them our house. We get to show them that Hastings Deering and Cat are a lot more than the iron. We’re a package deal of solid engineering, with the best parts and service back up out there and a whole lot of dedicated people. None of it works unless this all works together – the support network behind the great machines we sell.

“Customers come to learn: can they be more successful, can they be more productive with a Cat? We are all in business for one reason – to make more money. So we want to help our customers make more money, as well as safer ways to do it too.”

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