Case Study

Harnessing growth

Case Study

Sensing the need for change in the industry, Camden Hire and EEA strike a partnership over Thwaites site dumper trucks.

When Camden Hire decided to upgrade their existing fleet of dump trucks Earthmoving Equipment Australia (EEA) was a natural choice. “Our business owner Mike Scarce has always been a passionate believer in caring for the customer, and going the extra mile to meet all customer requirements,” says Steve Cains, workshop manager at Camden Hire’s Smeaton Grange office. “In the past, we’ve had issues with maintenance and spare parts.

Once we even had to go to London to get spare parts for our machinery. In the hire industry that is just not feasible.

So, when we decided to buy two new trucks we were keen to get them from the right place, from a company that lived for its customer care.”

Camden Hire started off over three decades ago building trailers and running a tool hire business in Camden. The business has rapidly grown to become a leading equipment hire and event management company. Camden Hire’s clients are mostly based in the Sydney metro region. In recent times the business has also been undergoing expansion in other areas of NSW, like Nowra, Lithgow and Orange.

“Our business felt the need to replace some old machines and move forward with new technology. Thwaites is where the market is going at the moment. The impressive flexibility and manoeuvrability of these dump trucks are winning over the Australian market in a big way. EEA explained to us this emerging market trend, and how they as a company had decided to capitalise on the market need for more advanced trucks.

“We had met with EEA’s Managing Director, Chris Newton. We were impressed with how EEA took the time and effort to understand our business, our clients, and our need for the trucks. In the discussions I had with Chris, I was reassured that buying the trucks was only the first step in an ongoing relationship. Although we have the capability to maintain and service our equipment the fact that EEA would always be there to back us is very reassuring,” Steve explains.


Case Study


EEA is currently bringing to the Australian market the full range of articulated 4×4 Thwaites site dumpers. Known for their versatility, Thwaites site dumpers are among the most popular earthmoving machines used throughout Europe. As part of its campaign to promote Thwaites site dumpers in the Australian market, EEA are offering local customers a demo, so they can work out for themselves how the new machines will enhance worksite productivity and efficiency.

Thwaites Site Dumpers are 4WD, and articulate and oscillate enabling them to handle to all types of terrain, muddy, wet, swamp, undulating, sand, etc. They are usually used in road works, civil earthworks, sub divisions, bulk excavations, trenching, pipe laying, irrigation, towing, demolition, landscaping, rail works, difficult terrain access etc “The ability of these trucks to go to virtually any site and deliver outstanding results is really remarkable,” says Steve. “The 30-40 tonne machines make them more affordable and productive,” he explains. Thwaites is a leading manufacturer in the UK specialising in dumpers. In the industry for seven decades now, Thwaites are well known for innovation and cutting edge technology in addition to high performance standards.

Camden Hire have their Thwaites dumpers onsite on M4 widening project. Steve says that these dumpers are becoming increasingly popular and are a growing component of their business. “Once we hire them out, we don’t hear about them till they’re back. That’s how reliable these trucks are.”

“In the hire business time is literally money,” explains Steve. “We do not want our machinery lying idle due to maintenance issues, especially when clients are paying for it. It’s encouraging to know that our knowledge and experience has the solid backing of EEA. They have, in my view, great services and solutions for parts. EEA have a wide network of dealers, and Chris assured me that in most circumstances, parts are sent out to the client within 24 hours. This same service goes for aftermarket solutions too. Lastly, we were also impressed with EEA’s prices for parts and related services.”

Case Study

Apart from selling Camden Hire the new Thwaites site dumpers EEA are also assisting Camden Hire with the phase out of their older machines. EEA have a second hand machinery division. For businesses that don’t have the budget for the newer trucks, or who can get the job done with the older machines, EEA arranges hire or sale of Camden Hire’s older machines. “Our dump truck division is growing. However, the straight tip machines are not as sought after as the swivel tip machines, and it really helps to have EEA find contractors who can use them on projects,” says Steve. “We’re looking at phasing out our older machines and acquire more of the newer ones from EEA.”

“EEA are a forward thinking organisation. They are in touch with the widest group of players in our local industry. What’s more, they are in touch with developments overseas, and have in the past shown their ability to bring the best to Australia. This is evident in the manufacturers approaching EEA to promote their machines in Australia,” adds Steve.

Camden Hire and EEA work on the understanding that organisational growth should be mutually beneficial, and one company’s growth will always spur growth in their associates.

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