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Harbeck Transport and Hidromek Excavator!

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Positive experience prompts Harbeck Transport to opt for second Hidromek excavator.

Thirty years ago Harbeck Transport started out in the trucking business in the town of Busselton in Western Australia. Since then the company has transitioned into the earthmoving sector and the trucks have been replaced by a fleet of excavators, graders, wheel loaders, reclaimers and crushers.

The company’s core business today is gravel supplies.

“We work across a few sites and do dam builds and crush rock but the operations are based mainly here in the gravel pit from which we supply aggregate supplies for main roads, local contractors and local government,” said Chris Harbeck, owner of Harbeck Transport.

Harbeck Transport recently purchased a second 30 tonne Hidromek excavator after purchasing their first Hidromek in October 2018.

“The main things about Hidromek that caught my attention were the Isuzu motors – they are great. The parts are common, the tracks are very neat and they’re cost effective machines,” says Chris.

“My operator really likes his machine. Mainly because of the cab size, comfort and how quiet the machine is.

“We purchased the second machine on the back of the performance of the first excavator and also the service from the Onetrak Bunbury team – they just make it happen.

“The first Hidromek is coming up to 2000 hours now and it’s performing well. The Hidromek machines have everything you want in an excavator and none of the things you do not want. They definitely match up with the big brands.

“In general, the Hidromek machines are very similar to the big brands on the market such as Caterpillar, Kobelco etc. I like the track frame, the extra rollers and the larger cab size. The boom is very tough thanks to the reinforced steel components. The greasing system is good and it’s easier to change hoses thanks to the allen key settings instead of hexagon. The self-fuelling is really smart as well but the best thing must be the quietness in the cab while you’re working.

“For customers interested in Hidromek in general or this machine in particular, I can add that these excavators are very strong and robust in their build quality. They’re powerful yet very smooth for doing final trims,” said Hendrik Visser, Regional Manager at Onetrak in Western Australia.

“More specifically for this HMK300LC model a highlight is the low fuel consumption in comparison to other excavator brands in the 30-tonne segment. The Hidromek’s also versatile and you can run any attachment suited for this size machine,” Hendrik added.

Hendrik concludes by saying, “Our customers are very impressed with the spacious cab and generous leg room. Chris for example is over 6 foot and he is very comfortable in the cab. Customers in general also comment on the ease of maintenance and we are receiving very positive feedback on the overall performance of these machines.”

The Hidromek HMK300LC Excavator at a Glance

  • Operating weight 31,900kg
  • ISUZU AH-6HK1X Tier 111A engine
  • 161Kw (216hp) @1800rpm
  • Opera Control System
  • Rear-view camera
  • Advanced Colour TFT Monitor
  • Double acting piping kit
  • Standard GP Bucket with teeth
  • Quick Hitch Piping

Onetrak is the national distributor for Hidromek and offers guaranteed trade-back along with a free demo program across the complete range of Hidromek machines.

The Hidromek range includes construction excavators, short radius excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and graders.

Onetrak offers a significant parts inventory and national support network to back up  its complete range of machinery. Sales and service outlets are located in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

A team of field service technicians are based in each of these states.

Flexible purchase solutions are also available including rent-to-buy and fully maintained operating leases.

Call 1300 727 520 if you are curious to find out more about Hidromek.

For more information visit www.onetrak.com.au

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