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Ground And Building Vibration Monitoring Solutions

SVAN258PRO Sound and Vibration Logger.

Construction and Excavation Vibration should be considered within the industry, transportation and machinery being used during the development process.

Acu-Vib Electronics is the only partner in Australia and New Zealand that in-house calibrate, sell and rent out SVANTEK’s leading instruments in this field.

  • The new 258Pro Class1 is an easy to install and cost-effective system for noise and vibration monitoring
  • The portable and battery powered system can be used for a variety of monitoring applications including Construction Site Monitoring, Piling, Tunnelling and Blasting
  • This portable system works great in both noise and vibration monitoring applications related to construction sites and road traffic

The Ultimate All-In-One Firmware. Now Available With Svan958a

  • The new FREE firmware simplifies setting up the station in accordance to international and local standards such as DIN4150-3 or BS7385-2
  • The biggest advantage of the new firmware is the real-time vibration events analysis in the unit either with FFT or 1/3 octave and direct comparison to criterion curves on-site. Using Dominant Frequency and WAV form of events

Report Generation with Svannet

  • SvanNet Project Functions provides a dedicated user interface that supports measurement methods based on PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) and Dominant Frequency
  • Each vibration event containing measurement data (Time History and Frequency) can be easily printed and exported in the form of a report ready for clients

Additional extras give you the option to record Sound and Vibration simultaneously with this all in one 4channel instrument.

  • Class1 Noise using dedicated outdoor microphone protection and housing
  • Measuring construction noise, road traffic, environmental sound population
  • Remote Communication with SMS and Email Alerts when levels are exceeded

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Whole-Body Exposure To Vibrations In The Workplace

One of the most common overlooked health hazards in the construction and excavation process is the requirement to measure Hand Arm and Whole-Body vibrations to which the operators of large and small-scale industrial machines such as diggers, pile drivers, excavators, tractors, bobcats, forklifts, trucks and hand-held tools such as jack hammers and saw cutting.

Health Effects Of Vibration

Force Dependant Effects (Causes damage to body organs from HIGH exposures at low frequencies)

  • Increased Risk of lower back pain
  • Drivers prone to suffer fatigue failures of compound structures of the spine
  • Varicose veins

Frequency Dependant Effects (Typically occur after long exposure to higher frequencies of vibrations)

  • Numbness and clumsiness
  • Loss of muscular control of finger movement (White finger/ carpel tunnel syndrome)

Causes of Health Effects due to Hand-Arm/Whole-Body  Vibrations

  • Caused when driving vehicles for long periods or working on a vibrating surface
  • Long term use of hand-held plant machineries such as grinders, chainsaws, drills, hammers with force contact on the triggers of the tools
  • Poorly designed or maintained vehicles

The Solution – The Sv100a Whole Body Wireless Vibration Analyser

Undertaking these measurements has never been so easy in regards to application and data analysis with SVANTEK software.

Now available the SV100A can connect to your smart phone for google maps integration for reporting and geographical location of jobs/workers, live results and system configurations.

SV100A can measure Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) based on RMS and VDV simultaneously, with MANY more available parameters being measured.

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