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Graderoll – The Budget Beater

Given that 60 percent or around 525,000km of Australian roads are unsealed, the effective maintenance of this network can make or break the cash balance of any Council and as the finishing touches are made to the 2019/20 budget, it’s time to focus on the bottom line.

A single Broons Graderoll Mono will add value to every maintenance grading team – time and time again it has proven to be the most cost-effective roller on the market.

Paired with all major brands of grader, the Australian built Graderoll Mono turns the humble grader into the complete unsealed road maintenance machine. Easily coupled via the ripper, this multi-tyre roller applies compaction pressure to the gravel road via the grader hydraulics. Controlled from the cabin, it can be quickly raised for highway travel to the worksite then lowered and working within minutes of arrival.

It’s the sheer economy of this attachment that’s raising eyebrows at Council Chambers around the country. One operator, one tank of fuel and no reason to leave the cab ensures maximum productivity from your equipment and workforce – did we mention no daily maintenance? Kilometre after kilometre of freshly graded and compacted roads that will turn your Shire map from red to green quicker than ever before.

Built with the renowned quality of South Australian roller manufacturer, Broons, the Graderoll Mono comes with a market leading 10 Year Structural Warranty. Options include a hydraulic Lift Attachment to raise the roller for ripping without the need to disconnect the unit, solid filled tyres to eliminate punctures, rear recovery point, tyre scraper, LED lighting and a brake release control system.

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