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Gates Australia

A leading innovator in hydraulic products and services

There aren’t many hydraulic product specialists with the history and experience to rival Gates.

That’s no exaggeration – it’s the plain truth. In fact, if you ask your grandfather, he can probably recall using Gates products when he was a young whippersnapper.

Gates has been one of the world’s most recognisable names in rubber for over 100 years and has evolved from a single-town operation to become a global leader in hydraulics, automotive and industrial hoses, belts and other components.

The company’s reputation, built up over more than a century, is synonymous with quality and reliability. Gates has a history of pushing the boundaries and continuously innovating, creating hydraulic couplings and hoses that are built to withstand the high pressures, dramatic temperatures and tough conditions of hydraulic systems and equipment.

Background And Reach

Hydraulic systems are some of the most demanding environments to work with. For decades, Gates has been investing in research and development to find better ways of delivering fluid power; fuelled by materials science, this has resulted in the development of innovations like the LifeGuard™ Sleeving System – the first true protection in line-of-sight hydraulic applications. It contains bursts up to 10,000 psi and pinhole leaks up to 5000 psi at 100°C for up to five minutes. Gates’ manufacturing strategy is “in-region,

for-region”, meaning Gates has a strong understanding of the current trends, challenges and opportunities that your business is facing. In the East Asia & India region (which includes Australia) alone, Gates’ presence includes seven manufacturing facilities, 17 sales offices, three warehouses, two major R&D centres and two oil and gas service centres. Together, these facilities mean customers can count on speedy service and reliable access to products and information. The regional footprint also enables local commercial teams to establish close, long-term relationships with customers– partners, dedicated to ensuring your hydraulic system’s success.

From the factory to the field, in motion, play or at home, Gates fluid power products are there, enabling ease and efficiency, or powering manufacturing and automation that’s ahead of the curve – or, driving your plant’s performance in the field with total confidence.

Extensive Knowledge Means You Benefit

Gates specialises in all types of hydraulic hoses, couplings and associated equipment including crimpers, for both stationary and mobile applications. Their products are not just manufactured – they are engineered for performance. Care and attention, years of experience and extensive development has gone into each and every component, and the benefits speak for themselves. Gates fluid power products offer numerous advantages over alternatives.

Multi-purpose hoses reduce inventory needs, save you space and provide users with application flexibility. These hoses are highly abrasion resistant, outperforming alternatives up to 300 times. Depending on the application, hose covers are resistant to potential threats such as oil, chemicals and mildew. Gates’ premium hoses are engineered for greater flexibility, with up to one third the standard bend radius, while proprietary reinforcement technologies reduce weight by 26 per cent with half the bend radius.

Couplings too are built to last; Gates’ highly engineered hose and coupling solutions are designed to be leak-free. Corrosion,

an unpleasant force to be reckoned with, will no longer be a problem because TuffCoat Xtreme® coatings on couplings offer red-rust corrosion resistance, exceeding 1000 hours resistance compared to the new SAE industry standard of 144 hours.

The Gates range of hydraulic couplings is as innovative as their hose range. From Quick-Lok™ Push-to-Connect Couplings, which eliminate leaks and require no torqueing, to MegaCrimp® couplings, which set a new standard for hydraulic couplings and provide a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, it’s patented. Gates has a solution for every application.

Plus, product innovations like the LifeGuard™ Sleeving System add to your safety toolkit.

Adding Value To Your Hydraulic Systems

These products are paired with solid industry knowledge, which Gates channels to you and your business through additional value-adding resources like the Safe Hydraulics training program. This program, developed by Gates application engineers and delivered by trained Gates professionals, provides one of the most thorough Hydraulic Preventative Maintenance short-courses into the marketplace. Your staff will come away from the session with up-to-date knowledge of safe hydraulic practices and a better understanding of the importance of preventive maintenance in ensuring the efficiency and safety of your systems.

Gates also backs its fluid power solutions with application engineering support, giving you access to unparalleled knowledge built on decades of experience. This equates to peace of mind about your processes and systems.


Imagine a hydraulic system with increased productivity, less inventory space, no leaks and heightened safety. Choose Gates and imagine no longer.

Innovation, safety, efficiency and value: it’s time to make a change for the better.

Gates has a nation-wide network of distributors, so getting Gates hydraulic products has never been easier.

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