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From Perth to Penrith with Allied Equipment Sales

An Allied Equipment Sales yard filled with earthmoving equipment

Allied Equipment Sales distinguishes itself in the Australian used equipment landscape thanks to a trusted network of suppliers from across the globe. Director Mitchell Smith explains how this has helped lay the foundations for growth, and a recent coast-to-coast expansion.

Building on more than four decades of industry experience, Allied Equipment Sales has established itself as one of Australia’s most reliable sources for a wide range of earthmoving equipment, including excavators, dozers, graders, backhoe loaders, and more.

Allied’s business model focuses on streamlining the used equipment purchasing process, with a view to make it safe, secure, and simplified for owner operators and major civil construction and mining companies alike.

“We’re an independent dealer specialising in very low-hour, good quality used earthmoving equipment from brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, and Volvo,” says Director Mitchell Smith.

“We don’t overcomplicate things here, we simply provide the right machine for people’s requirements, and make sure it’s available at the time they need it.”

Mitchell makes the whole thing sound simple – and perhaps, in theory, it is. The goal and the method are clear, but the framework that underpins Allied’s operation has been decades in the making.

Mitchell Smith, Director, Allied Equipment Sales.
Mitchell Smith, Director, Allied Equipment Sales.

Growing together

Allied Equipment Sales was established in 2004 as an independent branch of a business run by Mitchell’s father. By sticking by its family business values, Mitchell says Allied has been able to foster a positive and rewarding work culture – as evident in the number of employees who have been with the business for the long haul.

“Our biggest asset is our people, as well as their individual relationships with suppliers and clients,” Mitchell says. “We’re a relationships-driven business – always have been, always will be. We have people who have been with the business for a long period of time, and have been crucial in developing our strong network of suppliers.”

He says by being selective with the suppliers, and maintaining strong relationships with those select few, Allied can be sure that its pipeline of stock is always fit for purpose.

“That’s the importance of dealing with select trusted suppliers, because it gets to a point where they understand what’s required at our end, so they won’t offer up machines that they know won’t be suitable for us.” Mitchell says. “And they also understand our capabilities and customer base, and can cater accordingly.”

Ready to work

Mitchell says working this way ensures mutual growth and success across the board – Allied supports its preferred dealers, which allows it to better cater to its customer base.

“We’ve grown over the last few years based on being able to procure quality equipment from our trusted supplier network,” Mitchell says. “And we’ve been able to maintain a high standard in the equipment we sell, as the Australian market expects.”

Mitchell says that while Allied hasn’t been immune to the global struggles the industry has faced since 2020, long wait times for new machinery have meant some customers are considering purchasing used machinery where they may not have previously done so.

“One big benefit to dealing with us is we’re able to provide solutions that are work-ready, and immediately available,” Mitchell says. “And you’re dealing with the owners of these machines, not a broker. If the machines are quoted and visible in the market, they’re available there and then, and they’re ready to work.”

Allied is also able to tap into its supplier network to source specific pieces of machinery for clients.

“If we don’t have it, then we’ll try and find it,” Mitchell says. “Then we’ll take care of everything from the procurement side of things overseas, through to cleaning and shipping and clearance once it arrives in Australia.”

Going national

As Allied Equipment Sales’ customer base has grown, so too has the expectation that the business can cater to customers with a national footprint.

This is why, under Mitchell’s guidance, Allied has spent the past few years expanding its regional scope from Western Australia to the east coast. Mitchell says this has been driven purely by a desire to better serve an ever-growing list of major clients.

“Since establishing a presence in Penrith, NSW in 2017, that region has grown to make up a third of our revenue,” he says. “And that’s in a region that’s traditionally a lot more competitive compared to WA.”

And to ensure a consistent sales and service offering across the country, Allied has invested in a new workshop facility at the Penrith branch, and has recently appointed a second sales representative to work alongside the branch manager.

“It was all about being able to provide the same offering across the country,” Mitchell says.

Previously, equipment would either have to be imported to Allied’s Perth branch for any required repairs or refurbishments before being freighted across the country; or imported into Penrith where mechanical work would have to be outsourced to third parties.

“Either way, it created a lot of extra work for people in an already time-poor industry,” Mitchell says. “And involving external parties also means we didn’t have the same level of control over the quality that we otherwise would back in Perth.

“But now, we can offer exactly the same complete service solution on both sides of the country. And that makes things easier for us, and allows us to better solve problems for clients.”

Transparent operations

Mitchell understands that used equipment can still be a daunting notion for those accustomed to buying exclusively brand-new machinery.

“Used equipment has so many variables, and no machine is exactly the same,” he says. “You might have two otherwise identical machines, but one’s done 5000 hours in a very harsh environment, and one’s done 5000 hours in a very low-impact environment. So, you’re dealing with a totally different animal each time.”

This is where Allied’s combination of good communication with global suppliers, and local teams of knowledgeable mechanical professionals makes a difference.

“It’s extremely important to understand what you’re looking at, where it’s come from, where it’s worked, and how,” Mitchell says. “And you’ll never really get that full picture until you’ve worked through the machine, it’s service history, oil sample reports, and machine data. We provide customers with all that knowledge, and we’ll always be extremely transparent about any issues, and machines will be priced accordingly.”

In keeping with its commitment to transparency, Allied also welcomes local dealers or independent mechanics to inspect machinery on behalf of clients prior to purchase.

“We actually encourage this, as it provides a better peace of mind for our customers in the face of that unknown element you get with anything used,” Mitchell says. “And it just goes to show that we’re committed to delivering on what we’re saying.

“That’s ultimately the key value of our business: we don’t over-promise, we just tell the truth. We’re always upfront, and we’ll share with our clients any challenges we might be facing.

“Whoever we’re dealing with, it’s simply all about keeping transparent communication open at all times.”

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