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From Doosan to DEVELON: a new beginning

Stylised hero image of the Doosan/Develon range of excavators and wheel loaders

Doosan is eyeing a bright future for its construction equipment range under its new name, DEVELON.

Doosan is marking a new beginning, replacing the Doosan brand on its construction equipment with its new brand name, DEVELON.

DEVELON is a combination of the words ‘Develop’ and ‘Onwards,’ which represents Doosan’s new beginning and challenging spirit.

The new brand name encompasses our willingness to move onwards to the future through innovation, and to relentlessly change the world with top-level products and solutions.

The DEVELON name will usher in a new era for Doosan.

Made to move the earth

Doosan has a long history of developing products and solutions needed for building infrastructure to improve our world.

Through the years, we’ve focused on providing products and solutions that exceed the expectations of the industry and our customers.

Moving forward, we’ll introduce more innovative products and solutions that will go beyond the world’s expectations.

Continuous evolution, for better

With the new brand name DEVELON, Doosan will bring growing momentum with the next leap forward as a global leader in construction equipment products and solutions for building infrastructure.


A bold name to welcome a new era for our business that encapsulates our core ambition to continue developing onwards and leaving behind a positive footprint in our world.

Our core values remain unchanged as our dedication to advance the world still is an integral part of our identity.

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