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For AP Earthmoving, it’s all about uptime

Why AP Earthmoving chose the Cat® Heavy Duty Extended Life undercarriage for their Cat D6 Dozer.

AP Earthmoving is a civil construction company working in central Victoria, performing general civil work including wind farms, road construction, dam building and foundation work. When AP Earthmoving owner Aaron Watts purchased his new Cat®D6 Next Generation Dozer, he needed to consider the Cat undercarriage option that would best suit his application.

Since every application and every business is different, Caterpillar has three Undercarriage options to help ensure equipment is running to its optimal capacity. There’s General Duty, Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) and Cat Abrasion™. Making the right choice can help lower owning and operating costs while maximising uptime and machine performance.

Aaron chose the HDXL undercarriage for his D6. “It really suits our conditions. We’re working in steep terrain, so it was a no brainer for us to fit the HDXL. It’s certainly a win for us.”

The advice of Rob Leo, Caterpillar Aftermarket Services Consultant, was helpful too. Rob sees every type of business and every application. Being well acquainted with the needs of AP Earthmoving, he was able to help Aaron find a solution to suit his application and economics. “The D6 has more horsepower for more demanding conditions. That’s why Aaron’s got it fitted with the new HDXL undercarriage.”

The HDXL is built to withstand high impact applications. Its outstanding level of robustness helps ensure longer undercarriage life. It’s particularly well suited to steep terrain and slopes. John Merlo, Operator Demonstrator at William Adams, echoes Rob’s assessment. “AP Earthmoving works in extreme conditions. They work in hilly, rocky environments.

I think the HDXL undercarriage system is a benefit for Aaron’s business, in regards to reducing downtime and increasing uptime for his machine.”

As a business owner, Aaron understands the importance of maximising his asset over the long term, so he chose the invaluable backup of Cat Track Assurance. It provides him with four years/5,000 hours of coverage in addition to his standard parts warranty. “It just gives us piece of mind that we know it’s a good track system and Cat are backing their product.

We know we’re going to have trouble-free running for the next four years with this track set up.”

Aaron also saw the additional value in the Custom Track Service that William Adams offers. With this partnership agreement, it doesn’t cost him anything to get product support representatives on site to measure the undercarriage. He recommends it to anyone with a track machine. “We can pinpoint where we’re wearing the tracks early on and rectify them. We know when we have to start budgeting for the replacement of undercarriage, so it’s a great service.

I’d certainly recommend the custom track service to anyone with a track machine.

It’s a great way to get an understanding of how your tracks are operating.”

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