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Coleman Drainage takes delivery of new 30-tonne Kobelco SK300LC-10 excavator.

First delivery of the new Kobelco 30-tonne SK300LC-10 excavator has gone to Queensland-based sub-contracting business Coleman Drainage, which specialises in large-scale trenching, infrastructure and subdivision work.

Brothers Mike and Steve Coleman together with John O’Toole have owned and operated Coleman Drainage for nearly 30 years.

Mike says the delivery of the new 30-tonne excavator from Kobelco distributor BrisVegas Machinery filled a gap in their fleet.

‘‘Every year we get a new Kobelco machine, and we’re glad this new model has been released – it’s perfect for some of our more involved projects where we need a heavy excavator that’s big, but not too big,” Mike says.

Developed in response to industry demand, the SK300LC-10 is the first 30-tonne from Kobelco in its class, and means it uses up to 10 per cent less fuel compared to earlier comparative models. Steve says that this dramatically lowers fuel costs while still producing significant power.


John O’Toole and Mike Coleman, Directors. Coleman Drainage

“Like the other Kobelco Generation 10 machines we have in our fleet, we love the upgraded  features for fuel efficiency because it’s not compromising the excavator’s power. The Kobelco’s fuel efficiency is one of the big advantages of these machines – we operate by the bucket, not by the hour, so we need to keep fuel minimised and power maximised,” says Steve.

Innovative Kobelco engineering has reduced hydraulic workload on the excavator arm and therefore fuel consumption. A unique feature of the SK300LC-10 is the Kobelco Arm Interflow System, included on all Kobelco Generation 10 machines, which means the boom’s weight forces hydraulic fluid to the shovel arm.

As part of the Generation 10 upgraded features, Kobelco has engineered a redesigned upper deck, which Mike notes is a particular benefit for the care and maintenance of Coleman Drainage machines.

“We’re very strict on methodical and consistent servicing; every 1000 hours our machines are thoroughly serviced, so the redesigned upper-deck layout gives us easy access to the engine compartment and keeps the time off job sites to a minimum,” Mike says.

Additionally, the SK300LC-10 features the Generation 10’s new compact and easily replaceable canister-type hydraulic oil return filter, and a new reinforced air-cleaner element.



Coleman Drainage have a long association with Kobelco excavators, taking delivery of their first machine 24 years ago and in that time building their total up to 13 with the SK300LC-10. John says the machines are used in an array of work ranging from sewer mains, to storm water drains and culverts and water reticulation.

Backed with the support from the team at BrisVegas Machinery, John says investing in Kobelco excavators has always been a logical choice for Coleman Drainage.

“Since BrisVegas became the Queensland Kobelco dealer a couple of years ago, we’ve worked together and built a solid relationship. We received great service when we bought the new Generation 10 Kobelco SK300LC-10 and we look forward to working with them in the future,” says John.

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