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FF24 shapes vision for construction


A new annual event for the construction industry,  Foundations and Frontiers  (FF24), is set to become a benchmark conference akin to the COP sustainability and Davos economic summits, where goals are set and progress is tracked.

With 100 of the industry’s most senior leaders participating in invitation-only roundtables and more than 800 additional attendees engaging in interactive discussions in the main arena, FF24 aims to mark the start of a new industry movement.

In preparation for FF24 this August, the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has released the first discussion paper – Defining good…and how to achieve it.

ACA chief executive officer Jon Davies said the paper was a thought-provoking conversation starter.

“We’ve intentionally set the scene without prescribing solutions because we want the entire industry to contribute to the vision of what good looks like and collaboratively pursue that goal,” Davies said.

“FF24 is more than just a platform for discussing challenges; it is dedicated to finding solutions and improved ways of working together within the industry.

“We invite all stakeholders to engage with the questions in the discussion paper and help shape the future of Australia’s construction industry at FF24.”

FF24 will focus on four areas that are considered key to any national strategy to improve the construction industry:

1. Defining good … and how to achieve it
2. Future workforce
3. Financial stability
4. Data-rich future

Future forums may consider other focus areas as progress is made and understanding of the issues improves.


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