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Fecon Forestry Equipment New Releases In 2020!

Fecon is the USA’s premier manufacturer of skid steer and excavator mulching heads, world renowned for building the toughest equipment in the industry. Fecon attachments and machines are engineered and constructed with unmatched durability and power to tackle even the hardest Australian timbers.

In addition to Fecon Australia’s already legendary ‘Bull Hog’ range of mulching heads for excavators and skid steers, 2020 will see further premium products added to the Fecon line-up.

Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulcher

Powerful, efficient and versatile, Fecon’s skid steer Bull Hog mulchers have, up until this year, been exclusive to only high flow track and skid steer loaders offering more than 91 litres per minute of hydraulic flow. Now, however,

Fecon Australia are proud to release the all new Standard Flow Bull Hog mulcher for skid steers and track loaders. Designed for use with loaders offering as low as 65 litres per minute of flow, Fecon’s Standard Flow mulchers offer owners and operators with smaller machines the new ability to undertake forestry work where previously their skid steer or track loader lacked the compatibility to do so.

These mulcher heads feature 22 cutting tools to maximise mulching efficiency, contained within a 1270mm working width.

Operating from just 2400 – 3600 rpm, Fecon’s Standard Flow mulchers can shred brush and small trees more than 100mm in width. Weighing only 590kg including its mounting plate and push bar with a close centre of gravity design, the mulcher is easily carried and handled by the loader – yet is built extremely tough to deliver a long service life. Furthermore, the mulcher’s mounting plates are adaptable to suit various loader brands and models.

The new Standard Flow mulcher head is perfect for owners of smaller skid steer and compact track loaders undertaking fire prevention and mitigation works, general vegetation management, agricultural clearing such as fence rows and crop perimeters, residential site clean-ups and rural brush clearing.

FTX150 Forestry Mulching Tractor

A second new product in Fecon Australia’s extensive forestry equipment range is the remarkable FTX150 Forestry Mulching

Tractor; the first machine of its kind in the Australian market. Primarily conceived for forestry work, its versatile and powerful design results in the FTX150 being a highly adaptable large track loader that also capable of many projects outside the forestry scope.

Engineered and manufactured to withstand the full range of mulching demands, the FTX150 comprises high strength, heavy duty steel construction built tough to last, yet without sacrificing ground pressure.

A colossal 140hp 4-cylinder water-cooled Cummins 4.5 engine offers extraordinary operating power, and a 345 bar 227 litres per minute high flow hydraulic system maximises the performance of any mulcher or other attachment. Moreover, this premium hydraulic flow is quickly and easily adjustable in-cab for ultimate operator convenience.

The FTX150’s deluxe ROPS/FOPS cab is designed by operators for operators – adjustable joystick pods attached to a suspension seat with four points of egress results in absolute comfort, and a large touchscreen IQAN display makes machine operation easy and efficient at the press of a button. The spacious cab is also pressurised with heating, defrosting and air conditioning, delivering all-day every-day comfort for operators.

An expertly designed undercarriage offers 410mm of ground clearance, 6.4kph travel speed, 500mm track width and an impressively-low 3.7psi of ground pressure – meaning you can work harder, faster and longer in a range of terrain conditions, with minimal ground disturbance.

Even the reduced servicing procedures and requirements of the FTX150 are remarkable. Large side compartment doors allow effortless and thorough access to the engine, whilst the moving components of the machine are designed to work longer and more efficiently than other competitor track loaders in its class. The result for owners and operators is the ultimate objective in any machine – minimal downtime, reduced costs and maximised productivity.

The FTX150 also comes equipped with a severe duty BH85 Bull Hog mulcher head as standard, designed for fast and clean mulching of even Australia’s most challenging hardwood timbers.

As a result, the FTX150 is on track to become the most coveted machine in the Australian forestry and vegetation management industry. Make a smart investment and expand your business capabilities with the versatile, efficient and reliable FTX150 Forestry Mulching Tractor from Fecon Australia.

Remote Control Slasher

A third new product in Fecon Australia’s forestry equipment line-up set for release in mid-2020 is the Remote Control Slasher. Ideal for use on difficult or treacherous terrain, Fecon’s Remote Control Slasher is designed to improve the safety, efficiency and overall end result of challenging vegetation clearing tasks. This slasher offers a unique solution to undertake clearing jobs in environments where larger machine-mounted slashing and mowing attachments are unable to be used.

Traverse slopes, batters, steep hillsides, roadside drop-offs and generally uneven ground with the Fecon RC Slasher, all the while remaining at a safe and comfortable distance using your handheld control to operate. In addition, the RC Slasher retains the renowned heavy duty build quality shared throughout the full range of Fecon products, ensuring you receive maximum service lifetime and value for money from your investment. The Fecon RC Slasher is set to revolutionise the vegetation management industry in Australia, offering a solution that is not only safe and efficient, but also built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Stay tuned to Fecon Australia’s website and Facebook pages for more information and full specifications on the RC Slasher as its release in mid-2020 approaches.

In addition to the above new releases for 2020, Fecon Australia continues to offer its usual diverse range of vegetation management attachments. The revolutionary Stumpex is an auger-style stump grinder that uses slower yet more efficient grind rotations to minimise mess, improve safety and deliver a clean end product. Furthermore, Fecon’s innovative tree shears for skid steers, track loaders and excavators are perfectly designed and constructed to deftly shear, lift, bunch, carry and place multiple trees with a single attachment. The result – removing trees and their stumps to leave a clean and tidy site has never been more efficient.

Fecon Australia also offer a nationwide parts, service, sales and support network for all machines and attachments, ensuring that any scheduled or unplanned downtime is resolved quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait weeks for replacement parts or service requests as is standard for many forestry equipment suppliers in Australia – Fecon Australia will have your support needs catered to swiftly and efficiently.

If you’re also attending this year’s Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo in Penrith, call into Site 72 to see Fecon Australia’s range of existing and new release equipment on display.

Call the national information line on 1300 332 661.

For more information about Fecon Australia’s range of forestry machines and attachments, visit

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