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Fecon Forestry Attachments- For Tough Conditions

Australian timbers, noted for being beautiful yet extremely hard to refine, often prove difficult or even impossible to mulch or grind for many forestry attachments. Many European, and even some

Australian made attachments, struggle to perform effectively and reliably in harsh Australian conditions. Standing out from the crowd, however, is the Fecon range of forestry attachments.

Fecon is the USA’s premier manufacturer of skid steer and excavator mulching heads, and are world renowned for building the toughest severe duty equipment in the industry.

Despite being made in the USA, Fecon attachments are engineered and constructed with unmatched durability and power to tackle any Australian timber. With Fecon Australia your national supplier of Fecon equipment, you receive the best forestry machines the USA has to offer backed by local service, support, parts and sales.

Perhaps the most famed member of Fecon Australia’s attachment family is the legendary ‘Bull Hog’ mulching head. Designed to be powerful and versatile, Fecon offer various Bull Hog mulcher models to suit high flow Posi-Track and skid steer loaders ranging from 65hp to 120hp, and excavators sized from 5 tonne and above.

Fecon Bull Hog mulchers are available with two alternate rotor configurations to suit different applications and machine requirements. Option one is the FGT rotor; a round drum-style system with a smooth rotor and spiral tooth design, also incorporating an innovative low-profile tool holder and double carbide tool built for durability and efficiency. Option two is the Depth Control Ring (DCR) rotor, designed to offer maximum ‘bite’ control for faster cutting with less horsepower, and a more consistent chip size. The DCR is commonly used with patented Fecon Viking Axe tools – a double-sided cutting knife, which dramatically increases productivity.

Fecon also offers a diverse range of vegetation management attachments, including the revolutionary Stumpex; an auger-style stump grinder that uses slower yet more efficient grind rotations to minimise mess and deliver a clean end product. Furthermore, Fecon’s innovative tree shears for skid steers, track loaders and excavators are perfectly designed and constructed to nimbly shear, lift, bunch and carry multiple trees with a single attachment.

In addition, gaining enormous popularity in Australia due to its robust and powerful design is Fecon’s FTX128 forestry tractor. Engineered as a tough, formidable and versatile tractor running high flow hydraulics, the FTX128 can tackle many different tasks including mulching, tree felling, bucket work, grappling, asphalt grinding, mowing, stump grinding and so much more. With 128hp under the bonnet, 227 litres per minute of flow, optional winch and steel or rubber tracks, the FTX128 is a perfect solution for many industries needing a supremely powerful and versatile track loader.

Fecon Australia also offer a nationwide parts, service, sales and support network for all machines and attachments, ensuring that any scheduled or unplanned downtime is resolved quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait weeks for replacement parts or service requests as is standard for many forestry equipment suppliers in Australia – Fecon Australia will have your support needs catered to swiftly and efficiently.

Call the national information line on 1300 332 661.

For more information about Fecon Australia’s range of forestry machines and attachments, visit

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