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Fecon Blackhawk Mulcher: Different By Design, Same Premium Quality

With a proven reputation for being built tough to tackle even the hardest Australian timbers, Fecon Australia’s range of premium mulchers for skid steers and excavators is renowned for quality, performance and durability.

The newest mulching head in Fecon Australia’s diverse range of forestry equipment is the innovative Blackhawk for high flow skid steers and track loaders.

Where Fecon’s other famous BH74 and BH85 mulchers are designed to process trees and thick scrub, the new Blackhawk alternative is instead the ideal mulcher to tackle land clearing operations in stringy, fibrous, dense and fast-growing vegetation. The Blackhawk is formulated to process stubborn foliage quickly and efficiently, and will also collect and feed already felled material to ensure no unprocessed vegetation is left behind.

The Fecon Blackhawk’s uniquely designed rotor contains 30 cutting tools distributed evenly across a notably wide 1930mm cutting width, offering a prime configuration for quick spool up and immediate recovery. The rotor itself is ingeniously designed with a lace pattern to control the depth of the cut and ensure chip size is uniformly fine and tidy, whilst also enhancing overall efficiency.

The Blackhawk’s reversible tools extend service life by double, and are designed with a sharp, perfectly angled edge to slice the material cleanly, rather than hammer the timber into shards. The technology and design behind the Blackhawk tools is unique to Fecon and renowned in the industry for overall performance, durability and operator satisfaction.

Requiring a high hydraulic flow range of 91 to 171 litres per minute at a maximum 6000psi pressure, and an overall weight of 1230kg including mounts, the Fecon Blackhawk is intended for use with large skid steers and track loaders. Alternatively, owners and operators can attach the Blackhawk to Fecon Australia’s own impressive new FTX150 Forestry Mulching Tractor for maximised power and optimal results.

Fecon Australia’s Blackhawk mulcher is now in stock and available for sale Australia-wide, along with the existing well-renowned range of forestry mulchers and attachments. Contact Fecon Australia today for further information, and ask about their national demonstration program and try-before-you-buy options.

Furthermore, Fecon Australia offers a nationwide sales, parts and service network for all machines and attachments. The result: not only will Fecon Australia provide perfectly-suited forestry equipment for your needs, but you will also have the peace of mind that only comes with dealing with the very best in the industry.

For more information about Fecon Australia’s diverse range of forestry equipment, visit or call 1300 332 661.

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