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Fecon Australia’s premium forestry mulching range

Fecon Tree Shears

Fecon has established itself as a widely recognised brand in the forestry sector, owing this to its robust mulching capabilities.

If your task involves vegetation control, eradicating invasive flora, establishing fire breaks, or other forestry tasks, Fecon is the brand you need. Fecon takes pride in their machines and attachments as they hold exceptional power, dependability, and heavy duty builds. They ensure that each attachment and machine is engineered to be tough and durable to effectively manage even the hardest most resilient Australian timbers.

When considering power, Fecon Forestry Tractors stand at the forefront. Fecon has solidified its reputation through its array of remarkable tracked forestry tractors, spanning from 150hp to 300hp. These forestry tractors redefine the land management terrain, offering exceptional outcomes and end product. Boasting a renowned Cummins engine, these tractors incorporate top-notch parts and components, translating to reduced downtimes and increased operating periods. Each tractor is fitted with Fecon mulching head and also boasts the capability to accommodate various attachments such as tree shears, Stumpex, root rake, rotary deck mower, dirt bucket, and other high-flow demand implements. They feature a comfortable cabin with an adjustable seat, touchscreen display, and more, perfect for all day operator comfort.

The Fecon Bullhog mulchers are compatible with a wide array of skid steers and excavator models, offering versatility through both standard and high-flow options.

One of the attributes found within the Fecon forestry mulcher lineup is their exceptional force. Equipped with heavy-duty rotors and sturdy implements, these mulchers are crafted to effectively eliminate dense vegetation, shrubs, trees, and undergrowth. The Fecon Bullhog mulchers are compatible with a wide array of skid steers and excavator models, offering versatility through both standard and high-flow options. Available with various rotor types tailored to your precise requirements: the rugged FGT for heavy-duty tasks, the precision-focused DCR for refined end results, or the swift-cutting FMX. Engineered with hydraulic variable displacement motors, these regulate speed and torque, resulting in enhanced flow and cutting, minimising the risk of stalling. The Fecon Bullhog mulchers indisputably set the standard for excellence in the forestry industry.

Fecon Tree Shears, engineered for use with excavators and skid steers, have revolutionised the craft of tree cutting, hoisting, grouping, and transporting, all within a singular attachment. They were engineered to excel, even against hard Australian timbers. They effortlessly access areas that would otherwise remain out of reach with ease. With Fecon Tree Shears, you can now engage in forestry management assignments within zones that were once deemed inaccessible. True to the Fecon brand, these tree shears are manufactured with a focus on quality, including their heavy-duty shear knives. These knives are constructed from superior steel to ensure unwavering durability and a prolonged lifespan. The frame is both heavy duty and easy to manoeuvre, guaranteeing agility and effectiveness during the execution of demanding tasks.

When confronted with old or hard tree stumps, conventional techniques can prove to be time-intensive, untidy, disruptive, and feel impossible. This is where Fecon Stumpex intervenes – a revolutionary stump grinder that introduces an alternative perspective to the process. Tailored for use with both excavators and skid steers, the Fecon Stumpex presents a groundbreaking rotational grinding mechanism resembling an auger, reshaping stumps into finely processed end products with exceptional efficiency and minimal interference. Operating through a deliberate blend of slow rotation and heightened torque, the Stumpex adeptly grinds stumps into a fine end product in a matter of minutes. This approach ensures a safer work environment given its low RPM rotation that prevents flying debris. This creates easy post-task cleanup, compared to most other stump grinders available on the market.

Fecon provides the essential equipment to achieve results with efficacy and rapidity. With summer around the corner Fecon products are the perfect vegetation maintenance tools in bushfire prevention works. Supported by nationwide parts, sales, and support.

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