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Excavator Machine Control for Under $10k

Machine Control

Adding grade control to your excavator comes with a host of benefits.

It saves time by getting you to grade faster, reduces or eliminates overcutting and rework, and can cut labour costs by negating the need for a grade checker.

However, for many contractors, justifying the cost when margins are tight enough as it is can be a challenge. New to the Australian market is a nifty solution that’s ideal for smaller machines that costs less than $10,000!

iDig is a low-cost, versatile grade checking system that can be fitted to a huge variety of excavators and works with multiple buckets, including tilt buckets. There are also options for non-centre pivot machines.

“This system is a game changer for Aussie contractors that want the benefits of grade control on their excavator, but can’t justify buying a full scale 2D or 3D system with a higher price tag,” said Joel Seddon, Machine Systems Product Manager for iDig distributor, Position Partners.

Machine Control

iDig recently conducted thorough training and product demonstrations for Position Partners machine control experts throughout Australia and New Zealand. “The iDig system is extremely easy to set up and use, so we don’t foresee the need for a lot of technical support from our team, however customers can have peace of mind that our machine systems specialists are here to help if required,” he added.


iDig uses a simple combination of wireless, solar-powered sensors, an LED lightbar, an optional laser with laser receiver (or you can use one you already have) and a large colour touchscreen to take your benchmark into the cab and accurately guide you to your required depth or grade.

As you move the boom, stick and bucket the laser receiver and sensors communicate the bucket teeth’s position relative to finish grade, so the operator always knows the level he is working to.

Users can choose from a 1D solution that delivers basic depth and grade information, or a 2D system with a dynamic gyro sensor that unlocks the ability to work on a wide range of tasks including:

• Footings

• Foundations

• Drainage

• Trenches

• Pipe laying

• Tank settings

• Embankments

• Parking lots

• Sports grounds

• Roadwork

• Clamshell and auger


Machine Control

Because the iDig system does not require any welding of components and is completely wire-free, users can install the system themselves in about an hour. Sensors fit directly to the boom with powerful magnets, keeping them securely in position whilst making it easy to move the system between machines. Different machine and bucket settings can be stored to make swapping between multiple excavators quick and easy.

Plus, the sensors are solar powered, so there is no need to charge any components overnight and they use radio communications so there are no wires to install or maintain.

iDig has also designed patented display icons that guide the operator through set up and calibration procedures, eliminating the need for a technician to set up the system and further reducing the cost.

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