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EXCAVATION EFFICIENCY BOOSTED WITH TEREX® TW-85 Mobile excavator gets job done faster

As one of the leading excavation and earthworks contractors in Ashburton, New Zealand, Stuart Tarbotton Contractors know that reliable and efficient machinery is essential. And with the recent addition of the Terex® TW-85 wheeled excavator to their equipment fleet, their business capability has already begun to climb.

“Our prime reason for acquiring the TW-85 was its wheeled configuration. This means the equipment can be moved quickly from one task to another, without having to load it on a float, or being on tracks that are slow and can chew up the ground,” says Stuart Tarbotton, Managing Director. “Also, the market is missing a good machine of that size, and it was a perfect fit for our equipment line.”


The TW-85 comes with an extra-wide blade for dozer applications, as well as a wide range of proven working tools and attachments such as an auger, hydraulic hammer, and a range of buckets and grabs.


The comfortable cab provides excellent visibility, and thanks to the LUDV (load independent flow distribution) hydraulics, users will benefit from increased productivity and fuel efficiency. There are also additional boom (TPA, Circular, Mono-offset) options and optional support/dozer systems.


“It is very comfortable to operate, has a long reach and a great range of attachments,” explains Stuart Tarbotton. “It also has good stability. Compared with many other similarly equipped machines, the Terex TW-85 is certainly more stable to operate, even on challenging job sites.”


Stuart Tarbotton Contractors has been operating for 22 years. With excavators from 1.5 to 25 tons, they provide general excavation, earthworks, contracting and equipment hire throughout the southern region of New Zealand, for construction and industrial large area works.

“Adding the TW-85 to our line has certainly helped us to get the job done and be a more efficient contractor. It’s a great machine,” Stuart added.


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